Barney's Boston stock as of 1/5/08

  1. I went to Barney's in Boston, MA today and this is what i remember seeing...

    Magenta Work GSH
    Magenta City GSH
    Sahara City GSH
    Vert Thyme Work GGH
    Violet First
    Black Part-Time GGH
    Black Work GGH
    Magenta GSH Coin
    Magenta GSH compagon
    Magenta GSH mini Compagon
    Magenta GSH Money

    There was a lot more, but this is what i can remember

    and they said that they had sky blue, but i didn't see any out on the floor and they have no clue when EB is going to arrive.. I HTH!!
  2. Thanks.
  3. Thanks.

    Do you know what their prices are like say for a Work with GSH?
  4. I'm not too sure how much a GH work goes for , but whatever it is retail it will be the same at Barney's
  5. ^^^ Okay thanks. Unfortunately I don't know what the retail price is, but I will call.
  6. Uh oh ... I better stay away! The only thing that is keeping me away from the Magenta bags, is that I have the original '05 Magenta Work. LOVE the color; so glad that Balenciaga is doing bright colors again!
  7. I called about six Barneys stores yesterday (1/7/08) looking for a Derek Lam. Just as far as sheer helpfulness if your looking for something, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston and Beverly Hills were the best. I was trying call early and get to the point and still got mixed results from the others. Ney York, fuhgeddabout it. San Francisco had some good returns in, but no Bal. FYI
  8. Hey, by the way, does anybody know if the standard ship charge for Barneys is $12 for ground? I thought so but forgot to ask.
  9. They got Sahara City RH, Sky Blue City RH, Vert Thyme City RH
    Electric Blue City GSH
  10. I was just there yesterday (Sat, 12-Jan) and they still have the Electric Blue, Sandstone & Vert Thyme bags. They also have two of the Magenta w/ SGH bags (I believe one was a City and the other was a Work). No Sky Blue (gone) and all the Accessories must have flown out the door because there was NOTHING! Will be checking out the "sister" store (BNY/Chestnut Hill) on Sunday!
  11. I was just there earlier today and this is what I remember. Forgive me if I get the hardware color wrong. I have a very bad short term memory!

    Electric Blue GGH Work (but ask if they have another one, because the one I saw had a few scratches near the top on the back)

    Vert Thyme GGH Work
    Pale Magenta GGH Work
    Pale magenta GGH in either a Step or Brief (not sure!)
    Pine (?) GSH Work
    RH Black Work
    various Pale magenta GH accessories
    Some RH brown, black, and maroonish red bags in various styles.
  12. I'm going to Boston this weekend.
    Does anyone have an update??