Barneys BH stock as of this afternoon:

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  1. i just came back from lunch at Barneys Greengrass in BH (yummy tuna!) and thought i would give a report. the bags were mostly 06, but there were some real beauties!
    on the floor i found:
    rouille day w/RH (the leather was amazing!! look at hmwe's city bag to get the idea)
    cafe day w/RH
    white, grenat, black WE (the grenat was incredible!)
    black, truffle, greige Works
    ink, black, rouille, greige, white, - you name it, they had it in the firsts! a ton!

    they had one white clutch (like crackers, gorgeous!)
    a ton of accessories: FB, VG, black, white and other colors in the mini compaignon
    one black money wallet
    a couple of compaignons, one black and i can't remember the other one

    they also had some funky holiday looking bags, the one with the really stiff leather and clutch top

    i saw one really gorgeous VG in a stye i had never seen - it looked like the size of a work, but narrower on the top, maybe a brief??? not sure, but the leather was amazing!

    i also overheard the SA say she had a BOX in the back, as in the BOX STYLE!!! i didn't have time to ask for anything (also, just a little broke at the moment!) because i didn't want to be tempted by anything, but it looks like they are clearing out their 06 stock.

    there were also some bags with GH laying around, mostly black, but i don't have any specifics...

    i wish i could have taken a pic of the rouille day - i've never seen such amazing leather :drool:
  2. Thanks so much for the report. I'm kinda glad that I didn't see anything on the list that I must have. BTW, were there any GH hobos? :graucho:
  3. Thank you for posting! Any Cities :confused1:
  4. no GH hobos on the floor, but i know they keep a lot of stock in the back. they had some GH cities on the floor, though.
  5. they must have some cities, i wasn't looking for them, so they didn't come to mind :sad:
    sorry, i only have eyes for works right now, but all of those firsts (2 rows of them!) were hard to ignore
  6. Wow, thanks for the report!!
  7. I called them and the box they have currently is an ink blue box.
  8. Wow, all those 06 bags left? I'm surprised!

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  10. thnx for posting, were there any city in shades of blue?? :smile:
  12. the only blue bags they had were accessories and firsts, but i really wasn't looking for a city - sorry!