Barneys BH stock as of moments ago...

  1. Hi Ladies: I just got back from Barney's, seemed like a harmless idea
    to to a little window shopping:yes: Wrong! Left with 2 more children to
    add to my growing Balenciaga family :heart: anyway, in between purchases
    I took a look at the stock.

    Courier (just received stock yesterday): White (TDF!:P ) Ink (amazing,
    I bought one, they have one left with very few veins), Rouille (gorgeous), Black, Caramel, Cornflower. I love this bag!!

    Twiggy: Grey, Pink (I bought one they have one left), cornflower (gorgeous! :heart: )

    First: Rouille (It is beautiful, not too veiny, deep rich color, if I did not
    already have the City in this color, I would have bought it, hope a PF
    member gets it), Lilac, grey, Pink

    Work: Grey, Caramel

    Day: Rouille, Caramel, Olive, Cornflower

    I will post separate photos of the Courier, it is a great bag, especially
    for us traveling girls! :love:
  2. Hey thanks for the update! What does the "pink" you bought look like? Pale pink, bubblegum, rose? Glad to hear the Rouille is nice. I've really been loving that color!
  3. It's the light Rose pink from this season, it's really cute in the twiggy
    style. The Rouille is just gorgeous.
  4. For some reason, I'm not seeing the pink in my head. Gonna go back to the old posts & find what it looks like. Sounds really pretty! Congrats:biggrin:
  5. Which City bags did they have?
  6. No CIty's in stock at all
  7. chloe231 congrats on your new b-bag! cant wait to see pics!!! woo hoo!
  8. chloe231: I can't wait to see pictures. I was debating between Rouille & the light pink one twiggy for a while. Which color do u think it's nice & which is more versatile in the twiggy style? Thanks!
  9. If I didn't already have the Rouille City I would have definitely gotten the twiggy in the Rouille. I think the Rouille works great for Summer or
    Fall, and the color is gorgeous! Either one would be beautiful, I am going to post a photo of my pink shortly. :biggrin:
  10. Could you post pix of you w/ it in some of the ways it can be carried if you have a chance? I'm dying to see what it looks like on! I loove messenger styled bags!