barney's bh inventory

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  1. green & white floral bags in the brief
    magenta ggh
    turquoise city gsh
    turquoise city rh
    bouton d'or city ggh
    bouton d'or city rh
    electric blue city rh
    electric blue first rh
    sky blue first rh
    tomato brief ggh
    bouton d'or cp
    electric blue cp
    turquoise cp
    bouton d'or money wallet
    dark green mu
    black mu

  2. i would totally love the turquoise city gsh & magenta if only my bank acct agreed w me:yucky:
  3. Thanks Loveffany, I was thinking of going today at lunch and this is so helpful!
  4. :crybaby:why does no one have the turq RH day?
  5. Thanks for the update! Several tempting items.
  6. Yes! Thanks for posting that info! How was the leather on the Blue Bags? Dry and veiny, or thick? I love Miriam there, she is soooo nice and helpful.