Barneys Beverly HIlls, Used BBag?

  1. I went to go pick up the Black GGH Work and was so excited.. i took it home, and looked it over and realized that it was used because i found a pen and hairtie inthe front pocket.. is that normal?! what do i do?
  2. Take it back and demand they find you a new one. Who wants a used bag!
  3. I agree w/ Kim. For the price, you need to be completely satisfied.

    Alice, while you were at the store, did you happen to see any Violet (purple) or Marigold yellow Balenciaga bags or accessories?
  4. Or if it is in great condition, take it back, complain and ask for a big discount?

    This would be a more effective tactic if it was the last one in the store.
  5. That has happened to me before... I found some chapstick and a lipstick in one of the pockets of a purse I bought. Ewww.... lol. Ask them to take it back.
  6. Oh DEFINITELY have them take that back. You bought that at a full-price department store, not a consignment store. They should happily replace it.
  7. Oh... This is not right. Barneys should exam the returned merchandice before selling them again. Definitely return it. You paid full price, you deserve a brand new bag.
  8. Absolutly have them take it back!! I'm sure they'll understand, stores like Barneys are good for that sort of thing.
  9. would any of you know who i can get in contact with at Barneys, who'd be glad to help me?
  10. i also found a lexus spare keey!!!! :cursing:
  11. Dear God! The person who returned that bag sure is careless...leaving a spare key.
  12. Ewwww... that's totally unacceptable! That would get me so :cursing:. Definitely take it back. I would just call the SA I bought it from and explain the situation or maybe event the handbag manager. It should be called to their attention.
  13. YIKES! I would call your SA right away and have them pick up your bag and send you a brand spankin new one at no charge. BTW, I ordered jeans from Nordstrom online and when they arrived there were gum wrappers and a concert ticket stub in the pocket! YUCK
  14. OMG! ring them/go back to them and tell them and get an exchange for a NEW bag... you dont want to pay that money for a used bag! good luck!
  15. that IS awful!
    i often wish we had the same return/exchange policy like they do in the US. in this case i do NOT:cursing:

    i would also take it back and ask for a new one or a generous discount!