Barneys Beverly Hills update

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was there this afternoon and this is what they had:

    New Colors (F/W '06)
    1. Rouge Vif - First
    2. Grenat - First, City, Hobo/Day
    3. Sapin - First, City, Work
    4. Greige - First, City, Work
    5. Truffle - First, Work

    Old Colors (S/S '06)
    1. Rouille - Courrier, Twiggy, Work
    2. Cornflower Blue (or the blue from that season) - First, Work, Hobo/Day
    3. Ink - First, Work, City
    4. Calclaire (Pink-white) - Hobo/Day
    5. Lilac - Shrug, Hobo/Day

    Classic Colors
    1. Black - Box, Work, First, City
    2. White - Hobo/Day

    That's about all I remember. The SA specifically told me that the store did not order the Hobo/Day in Sapin. The Grenat is really gorgeous in real life but the Rouge Vif was too fire-engine red for me. The Sapin, contrary to popular reaction in this forum, was a deep green that can be used for night and day. The truffle was also very classy.

    Enjoy! You also get 10% off your Balenciaga bags if you have a Barneys card :smile:
  2. Thanks for the update Ashley!

    Is that 10% for all cardholders, or only if you are opening a new account?
  3. Thanks, Ashley...hmmm...the sapin is sounding more and more interesting...
  4. ooh ooh...i think i have to apply for a Barney's card!!!!!!!!!
  5. LOL! I was thinking the same thing! Isn't Barney's affiliated with NM?
  6. Thanks for the info ... I hope I get a chance to visit Barneys BH and see all those beautiful colors IRL.
  7. I believe it's for all cardholders...the SA asked me if I wanted to get a card and he kept saying "You can get 10% off these bags!!" But you can call and ask :smile: The 10% savings is basically negated by the sales tax you end up paying, but saving about $100 is always good...

    And one note about the quality of the leathers. They were all amazing good. Even the S/S'06 leathers for Ink and Rouille were not veiny at all. The only quasi-veiny new leather that they had was the Greige. The most matte leather was Rouge Vif. This leads me to think that Barneys gets better shipments than Neiman Marcus does...the ones in Neiman Marcus about 2 months ago (for the S/S'06) were so veiny.
  8. Ooh, I want to see the Vif very badly, I think I'll head down there this week. Thanks!
  9. Ooooh! Thanks for the heads up! :biggrin:
  10. Oohh... do let me know about what you think of the rouge vif please spiral?! I have your gorgeous rouge City back on my computer wallpaper now. It's about to crack either dad or bf very soon... :graucho:
  11. ashleyby - thanks for the up-date... hehehhe, this just makes me want to move the STATES EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... b-bags!!!
  12. Whee!!! That is some good news. I will have my fingers crossed for you hun! Perhaps I can influence them for you psychically *sends thoughts of buy, buy, buy over...* :rolleyes: :biggrin:
  13. Aww... thanks for the spiritual thoughts!! :shame: I should make voodoo dolls of each of them. :lol:
  14. No!!!! Barneys was just purchased by the parent company of Liz Claiborne.

    As far as the 10% off ... that's if you open up a NEW Barneys charge. Balenciaga gets extremely annoyed (and will pull their merchandise) when they find out that their items have been put on sale by their larger retailers ... especially current season. That's why you see the sales occurring at the smaller boutiques (Balenciaga knows that there's not as much foot traffic) ... however, I know of a small boutique in Boston that used to carry Balenciaga but don't anymore because they put the bags on sale and Balenciaga found out about it.
  15. Gretta Luxe? :graucho: