Barney's Beverly Hills update 9/15

  1. They just got a shipment in and they've got lots of goodies -- too many for me to accurately catalog. But I definitely saw:

    Jaune day in RH and SGH ( I got one of the RH ones, but they had more)
    Jaune Make-up and other accessories, although I didn't see a coin purse
    Jaune city and work in RH and SGH
    Violet day RH
    Violet make-up
    Pine city RH
    Briefs in jaune, pine, tomato and more in SGH - lots of these
    Sienna day with SGH - gorgeous!
    Tomato first and city RH
    a bunch of SGH hobos, various colors - no jaune or violet, though. The Ivory one was absolutely stunning!
    There was another Ivory SGH bag that was also gorgeous - I think it was a Day - the beauty of this combo really surprised me.

    that wasn't all, but that's what I remember most vividly. They were really well stocked.
  2. Thanks wiggligirl for the info!! I think I'm going to stop by tomorrow and check them out.
  3. HMMM...I might have to go "visit" that violet make up this week!
  4. wiggligirl, i was there too. i know that see all tend to gravitate to different things. this is what i saw:

    the new vert w/gsh city
    magano day rh
    magano hobo gsh
    black day ggh
    very nice plomb pt w/ggh
    black pt w/ggh and gsh
    ocean city w/gsh
    coin purses in tomato, black, vert (new one) and jaune (i bought the violet)

    all i have to say is that the balenciaga section was crowded today! everyone must have heard that the new shipment was in. i was a bit disappointed since i was looking everywhere for the jaune in rh and was told they didn't have any. i thankfully found it (with help fr a fellow pfer) at the Barneys in boston.
    i know there are those looking for it. so have fun shopping girls!
  5. by the way wiggligirl, was it me or didn't you see any twiggys around? strange.
  6. Nope. No Twiggys. I don't think Barney's orders Twiggys anymore. I don't know why. I would buy them if they had them.

    Oh also meant to mention - I didn't spend much time looking in the cases, but I know there were some GH clutches in there.

    They had a jaune coin purse? Dangit. I wonder if it was gone by the time I got there. I was thinking that a coin purse was going to be my jaune fix until I saw they had the RH Days and then it was all over for me.
  7. OMG! OMG! A violet day RH! OMG! I am definitely calling first thing tomorrow morning! OMG! thank girls
  8. Thanks wiggligirl! I'm gonna try for the jaune make-up & violet make-up. Hopefully they're not gone by now. God bless!!!