Barneys Beverly Hills Stock 10/21

  1. Let me say how DISAPPOINTED I was today at Barneys BH with their Bbag stock, not to mention the RUDE SA's:

    *4 Ink Boxes (All very veiny and VERY shiny, some looked like they were peeling kinda)
    *Truffle City( Thick leather, no veins or distressing, but the leather and tassels were STIFF, almost seemed like a fake bag)
    *Rouge City (a little distressed, too much white showing thru for me)
    *Greige City
    *Black, Sapin and White Weekenders
    *Several whistle bags in both sizes in black and brown
    *Oval Clutch in Truffle
    *Ink First (VERY distressed and veiny)
    *Bordeaux, Sapin and Truffle Firsts
    *Rouge, Greige and White large Compagnon wallets
    *Smaller Compagnon wallet in Rouge and Greige
    *Money Wallet in Greige
    *Quilted Padded Arena in Brown that was TO DIE FOR! Even the back of the mirror is quilted!
    *Black and Truffle Work

    My daughter bought the only decent Ink box they had. It has very thick smooshy leather, a little shiny but very nice. I had the Truffle City in my hand and was walking around with it trying to decide if I wanted it and this blonde SA asked me if I was done with it yet, because some other customer wanted to see it. hello? I dont think I was done with it yet!

    All in all, I was disappointed in the sales help, the quality of the leather on the bags and the selection. I should have gone to Neimans San Diego with Tiramisu!

    I didnt buy anything...oh wait, I bought my daughter a pair of the CUTEST Kate Spade ankle boots at Bloomingdales. No Bbags for me this time.:sad:
  2. Almost forgot, they also had a Truffle Day and a Bordeaux Day, didnt really look at them though.
  3. was it bordeaux or did you mean grenat?! If it's bordeaux I'm calling them! LOL!
  4. not sure, maybe Grenat. didnt really pay that great attention to some of them.
  5. Oh Donna .... I'm so sorry about your bad experience :sad: - I know this to be so disappointed not to find 'ONE' bag on a big store :crybaby: !! Hope you'll find another store where you cannot decide 'which one' you should get ;) :smile: :love:
  6. Perhaps all the "good" bags have been sold already???
  7. for the rouge city what do you mean white showing thru? also how much do the large wallet go for? thanks!
  8. I hear you about the lackadaisical service there. I almost bought that extremely distressed Ink first a couple of weeks ago. I really want an ink first and that is what the SA showed me. I asked about others and just got shrugs. After much internal debate I bought it and on the way out I saw a gorgeous, unveiny Ink first in a display case, snagged another SA ( mine had vanished) and traded the distressed one for the smooth one. It's a happy ending, because I got a stunning bag, but I found it mystifying that the SA was so unfamiliar with the stock and couldn't be bothered to even point me in the right direction so I could look for myself. A smart SA would have found me the good Ink right off the bat and found something else to dangle in front of my eyes. I was clearly in a state of b-bag fever, talk about an easy sell.
  9. SO, I'm not CRAZY?!?! Those SA'a are a trip! They either feign cluelessness about the bags, depending on whether or not you look like "money", or they really don't know anything about the line. They are so rude, and I've been ther 3 times arleady, CARRYING a B-bag.

    Next time, I'm going to complain if I don't get some decent service. I wish Neiman caried the bags, their SA's seem much nicer, and knowledgable.

    The stock is kinda lean, but who knows what they have downstairs?? I wouldn't be shocked if there were a few 2004 bags hiding down there, waiting to be unearthed.:drool:
  10. The clueless blonde chick who "assisted" me, had the nerve to tell me that they dont make the Ink in anything but the box and First! WHAT? How stoopid are they? My daughter (Nicole, she's 24 and knows all) told her that they indeed do and she had the gall to tell her she was mistaken. I REALLY wanted the brown quilted padded (not sure of the name) bag they had, I am in LOVE with that bag now that I saw it in person. But I just didnt want the commission going to that SA....calling Neimans SF and Balenciaga tomorrow. Someone else will get my sale....ya know I am so glad that its not just me. I walked away from there shaking my head and wondering if I was the *****. Not this time!