Barneys Beverly Hills Inventory

  1. Well first off if anyone is looking for Coin Purses in the new colors, Barneys has several. They have Black, Sky Bleu, Electric Bleu, Pale Magenta, White/Navy, Mastic all with Giant Hardware as well as Pine and I think Ink in RH. There are flat clutches in several colors, most notably Violet. Additionally if anyone is looking for Pine they have it in the Day, Part-Time, and Work. Lots of Electric Bleu with RH and a few styles with Giant Hardware. All in all a pretty good selection. Hope everyone gets what they want!
  2. thanks for the update! that ink cp sounds yummy...
  3. by any chance did you see any violet bags? A City for example?

    thanks for the update!
  4. I think there may have been a work or something, best bet is to call them. Sorry!
  5. did they have any weekenders?

  6. The only one I recall was a brown one, couldn't tell which brown it was.
  7. Stopping in BH this week, any SA that get high marks for customer service?
    Would appreciate any recommendations.
  8. Hmm...I never really work with any in particular. It's usually a luck of the draw situation for me. Good luck!
  9. I have used Miriam and she is a helpful with a great attitude:yes:
    Unfortunately they don't always know the names of the colors- You get your basic" Brown, Red, Blue, Beige" etc. But they were so nice I didn't care and the leather on my bags were sooo yummy. Miriam was so willing to find me the distressed look I love too!
    Plus 10% off when you open a Barneys charge card:yahoo: so I got two and saved a bunch!
  10. Thanks for the update. That electric blue cp sounds yummy.
  11. Thanks
  12. thnx for the update! did you happen to see any RH black work there? : )
  13. There is a black rh work at Neiman's fashion island.
  14. thanks!!
  15. thanks for the info!