Barneys Beauty Event

  1. Could someone explain to me what the beauty event is? Is it just a bag your can purchase or is it a gift with purchase type deal?
  2. Thank you. :smile: I won't be in NYC anytime soon, but I do have a Barney's 10 minutes from me. Would it be worth it to call the NYC location and try to do a phone order through them or should I just go to my local one?
  3. It depends. Which is ur nearest Barneys? the BH one is the second largest and has the second largest giftbag. Still doesnt compare to the NYC one but they charge a lot for shipping and u still have to pay the local tax too. I would give u the name of my Barneys NYC SA but he just left there.
  4. I'm by the Scottsdale, AZ location - it's on the small side and I've not had the best customer service there. But, it beats an incorrect web order, I guess. Thank you again for your help. :smile:
  5. Me too!

    You need to call and talk to Maureen.

    She was amazing during the last beauty event. So many goodies.

    She's super sweet and so helpful. She'll give you the rundown on all the extra gifts with different line purchases.

    Her contact information is:

    Maureen Cosovich at 602 337-6002
  6. My gosh, thank you so much. I will pop over there this week and see if she is around. Small world!
  7. I'm a Scottsdale girl too! I agree the service is lacking there...

    I think I'll steal this! Thanks so much!
  8. Any idea what the GWP will be/contain for the upcoming event?
  9. Here's the bag.
  10. Thanks for the pic, Chinableu :smile:
  11. I agree. Last time the cle de peau sa also let me purchase a little under the qualifying amount and mix and match lines. He also gave me way more samples :smile:
  12. Yes, the CdP counter at Barney's is awesome!

    I actually just got a SpaceNK event gift bag and they had a great one. I'm debating if I want to drop that much money on makeup/cosmetics again in such a short period, but, I suppose it's better to do the mother lode of stocking up now :p
  13. Yes thanks for the tip
  14. Hello! Can someone point me to the gifts with purchase for each brand! Or direct me to a great SA at the Barneys in New York?! Thanks - unfortunately I do not live near a Barneys!
  15. If anyone needs a good sa. I have the BEST one. She ships free, will help in any line and if you say my name, you get a free eyeliner. LOL. She takes care of my friends.

    Pm me.