Barney's Beauty Event 2/11-2/13

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  1. "Spend $175 on cosmetics and fragrances and receive a cosmetics bag filled with goodies!"

    barneys copy.gif
  2. hm...does anyone know if SAs will do charge sends including the gift?
  3. gwps are excluded even if you purchase online. i did a mock order once and that's what it said. nm includes them so it's my no. 1 preference compared to bg/saks and nordies.
  4. yes, i know barneys doesn't do GWPs online, that's why i asked about a SA at one of the selected locations doing a charge send. thanks.
  5. an SA gave me her info, maybe you can ask her:

    Lily Breslow 212 833 2562
  6. I did a charge send with Barneys for the cosmetics GWP (which was WONDERFUL!) a few years ago. I called the New York store, and the SA there processed many of them.
  7. ^