Barney's Balenciaga Private Sale

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  1. Just got an email link to the Barney's Balenciaga Private Sale. They generated a unique password for my email address, and it linked to the Barney's site with a special section for Balenciaga bags about 50% off!

    I got a black Classic Traveler Backpack for $839, a little less than 50% off! It's been on my list, was just waiting for a sale! No city bags on there!

    It's weird because the email was sent to my email address for which I don't make that many purchases. Anyone else get it (or have you gotten this type of thing before)?
  2. any tote bags?
  3. There are a couple tote bags and men's collection
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464314230.190315.jpg
  5. Can u post a pic of the backpack .. I have been looking for one.. Thanks!!!
  6. Wow, congrats! I wonder if the sale will be available in store.

  7. Same here! They emailed another email address I have and never make purchases with. Weird. Does the Balenciaga site have a sale coming up?
  8. they added some city and first!

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  9. @shoegal11 here you go! i got the one on the right!

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  10. Thank you!!!!!!
  11. same! my hubby has an account which we use a lot and email was sent to my account with 2 or 3 purchases over the last few years.
    I scored mini city though :cool:
  12. Sounds like they're just trying to bump business with the accounts that aren't that active!

  13. I got the 2012 rose thulian first on the bottom row!
  14. Congrats! :woohoo:
  15. I should have gotten that giant flat cross body and now it's gone. Goes to show, if you like something don't hesitate!