Barneys and men's Balenciaga messenger bags

  1. The Barneys in Beverly Hills (possibly at other locations as well) had seasonal color Balenciaga messenger bags for 60% off! It wasn't the Day but the style with a flap-over. I picked one up of course.

    If anyone's interested, you should give them a call. I'm so glad I didn't buy it full-price at Jeffrey.
  2. Post a pic of it here or in the Balenciaga forum - would love to see it in case I need to make a "call" to Barneys tomorrow :smile:
  3. are the other Balenciaga designs in 60% off too? like the Shrug and the Hook? thanks
  4. i'm not sure because i didn't really check the women's department. it might be worth giving them a call. (BalNY told me one time their bags never went on sale, so I believed for a while that I had to pay full retail. I feel so duped now lol)