Barney's and Bergdorf in NYC

  1. Does anyone know when either one of these stores have their second markdown's?
    I know sak's and neiman usually markdown the day after christmas, but I don't know the time lime for bergdorf and Barney's is. thanks
  2. i don't know for sure but last time i spoke with them they mentioned dec. 21 date! you might want to stop by a few days before

    and ill get back to you about bergdorf's ... have a friend who works there but she's asleep lol
  3. THAT early for Barney's?#$?#$?#$? High end retail must be suffering big time this year if ANY store beats Saks for a 2nd cut sale. Plz do tell us when it is. I'm rushing ot Barney's asap to get some stuff then. Also if you get some form of presale link to Barney's site we would very much appreciate it. Thx~
  4. please do get back to me about bergdorf's... i don't know how much longer i can wait to buy the dress i have my eyes on.