Barneys after Christmas Sale?

  1. I am wondering if Barneys will have further markdown during or after Christmas? I want to buy a pair of lanvin shoes but I'm kind of afraid that it will be sold out in my size. Should I get a pair now and do price adjustment if the price goes down further ?
  2. I have the same question too, exactly with the Lanvin and Barneys! Thanks for posting it..!
  3. it's already marked down online yesterday!
  4. Does anyone know if Barneys will be open early on Dec. 26?
  5. Does anyone know if Barneys will offer free shipping during the after Christmas sale? I have my eye on this bag but I'd prefer free shipping.

    Thanks in advance!
  6. I heard from a Barneys SA that since they've already done their 2nd mark-down a day or two ago (hence jumping the wagon & earlier than NM/Saks/etc.), they are not doing their next mark-down till no 12/26 new markdowns. I guess it kind of makes sense seeing that many of the Barney's sale items are already at 60% off now. Wonder if anyone else heard similar news from their Barney's SA's.....??
  7. I wonder if they'll offer a free ship code after xmas? My boyfriend just bought a Rogan sweater but paid for shipping.
  8. The San Francisco Barneys had Lanvin flats marked down to $315 as of today! Lots of Louboutin, Manolo, Prada too!
  9. $315 is 40% off its original price, which is a good deal though. But I kind of hope that they will have them down to 60% off after Christmas.