Barney's.....a big disapointment!

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  1. Okay.....I am back from my trip to Chicago. I had lots of fun, but was soooooo looking forward to seeing all of the Bbags at Barney's (I had called a couple pf weeks before my trip and the SA told me they would have a good selection of the fall bags by the time I visited). When we were out Saturday night and walked by the (closed) store, I almost had to be pried away from the window....I could see the bags hanging close......:drool:

    anyway, when DH and I went back Sunday to shop, I could not believe how few they had, and the leather on some of the bags was horrible! There was a Tomato City that I almost didn't recognize (the color)....the leather was so dry and almost faded in spots. :yucky:

    From what I remember, this is what they had:

    Tomato City, RH
    Plomb City, RH
    Violet PT SGH
    Natural PT GGH? (Not sure of the color)
    Plomb Hobo SGH

    There were also 3 or 4 Works, all darker colors, RH and one Day with SGH that intrigued me - I loved the color, but I'm not sure what it was - I would swear it looked like 06 Cognac. Also, a few wallets and only 1 black coin purse.
    NO twiggy's...they don't carry them :sad:.

    I came away empty handed :crybaby:and DH felt so bad he offered to buy me a gorgeous Jimmy Choo Ramona at the JC store, but I behaved - didn't want to buy it just to buy it. (Oh my God, did I just say that???) LOL.

    Anyway, so I guess it was nice to see them IRL (no stores around where I live that carry them), and I'm glad I got to actually try on a Work before I bought one - I love the size, but it didn't fit over my shoulder well enough. Good to know!

    I guess I will have to buy without actually seeing, or wait till the next time we go to NYC.
  2. Awww that is too bad! Although that helps me....I won't waste a trip to chicago any time soon for Bbags!
  3. The selection at that Barney's is always awful. The only thing I've seen there that I really liked was a Tomato Day a few months ago. The last time I was there, there were no Tomatoes, just a small variety of blues, browns and blacks. They have almost no accessories. Sadly, I don't believe there is anywhere else in Chicago that carries Balenciaga.

  4. I called a few places in Chicago before my trip, and I was told that Barney's was the only place in Chicago that was allowed to carry Balenciaga. Hence, my reason for calling Barney's in advance.......I was led to believe that they would have a "great" selection.
  5. That's too bad! Barney's in Dallas has a pretty good selection IMO. It must vary from store to store.
  6. oh no, i know the feeling..
    beeing all hyped up to see all the gorgeous colours in RL and then all they have is a few bags in dark colours and bad condition
    happened to me in munich..
    i was sad:heart:
  7. Oohhhh... dun feel too bad... u can always buy online.. Just last mth i went to the 1 and only Bal store in singapore. They have very few items too.
  8. I am always disappointed in the selection there. There are two other stores in the Chicago area that carry them. One is Shirisse's in the Glencoe suburb. They have a so so selection but they didn't even order juane or violet. ???

    Also, I just found out there is another store downtown that carries them but I don't know the name. It is on the stores that carried B-bag part of this forum.
  9. I think the SAs in Barney's NY are disapointed too...They have lost alot of sells because they didn't get their all their stock in.:search::search::search:
  10. I believe the store is Blake on Chicago Ave.
  11. Is that near downtown or Michigan Ave. anywhere? DUH! I should have checked here before I went instead of calling....
  12. I can totally was the same situation at Barney's Beverly Hills when I went with my sister in August.
  13. Blake, on Chicago Avenue, near Wells, has some older bags-but I believe they're mostly in the back, you have to ask for them. i saw an ink work there about two months ago!
  14. I am kicking myself :lecture: for not checking tPF for places that carry Bbags before I went to Chicago. I probably went right by Blake and didn't know they carried them - I was so focused on going to Barneys.