Barney's 2nd cut started on friday.

  1. Ok everyone i was religiously checking the sales and somehow I missed the website update and I found out today that Barney's 2nd cut started on friday. As soon as I found out I dropped everything i was doing and went to the store. I tried on all the john varvatos stuff (i'm a guy) probably about 20 pieces and ended up only getting 2 things (SA must have been pissed b/c he probably thought he was getting a big phat commission). Anyway, there seems to be a lot left in both the men's and women's section in Barney's chicago on mich ave..but the purse sale section was kinda depleted. Good luck to all who go from now :smile:
  2. Yea I went yesterday and I picked up some Prada's and some adidas stan smiths for my dad
  3. Have they done the 2nd cut on the website yet ? Can't get to a store physically. Thanks !
  4. Barneys coop too or just Barneys ny? Let me know if anyone had a chance to swing by south coast plaza...
  5. Everything yes. and the website has started and prices reflect the discount...gogogoogog.
  6. Oh really ? I just had a look and the discounts don't look that all impressive. I gathered from the prices that the website was still at first cut.
  7. i agree....web prices are no where near ' a deal '.
    perhaps the stores are just getting an early start.
  8. That's why you guys were fooled. The "list" prices that was marked down from were the 1st cut prices NOT the original prices. Those prices you are seeing are indeed the final cut prices.

    I knew the sticker prices of all items that I was interested in so I knew immediately that it was a 2nd cut.
  9. Oh okay ! Thanks. I will have a closer look now. But isn't it a bit silly of them not to list the items at the original price ? It makes it look like they have less of a discount and from a marketing and even a common-sense point of view it seems counter-intuitive.

    But anyway ! Off to have a browse.
  10. I agree. It's absolutely retarded. I mean look at the barney's website can clearly tell that the people who are running the website have no clue what they are doing. The way the items are presented, the way the item searching is done, the layout, everythign stinks.

    It's no wonder they are doing so horribly this season. Compared to saks, bloomingdale's, and neiman's...barney's is in the gutter. I'm probably going to short their stock tomorrow based on the things I'm seeing. Maybe it'll pay for some of my shopping allowance.
  11. ^ I agree. there's no way to effectively search or order their site to find what you're looking for. I still don't understand the two different categories they have for designers of "By Designer" and "Main Floor Shoes" when it's just one designer you're looking at.
  12. I just tried to browse through their SALE section - the lack of coordination made me feel sick. Seriously - scrolling and trying to focus on the varied sizes, and random placement of pics just about made me hurl :throwup:. For some reason making your potential customers nauseous while browsing just does not seem like a great sales strategy IMHO.
  13. What's even more retarded is that there are more items outside of the "sale" section that are on sale. In order to find out what htey are you must choose by designer and search through all of their items.

    Also they don't even categorize properly. Let's say you have a designer named "A". If A line has his coutour line then you would guess that the 2nd, 3rd line items would follow right after the 1st line items..but NOPE, sometimes the first line items are on page 1 and the 2nd and 3rd lines are on page 30 ROFL. What BS.
  14. That is good and bad in a way. Makes the items harder to find so they might be around a bit long before they are sold out. Unlike NM who compartmentalize everything so efficiently ! everything sells out so quickly.
  15. Their website is so in need for a major overhaul.

    Really? This is 2nd cut price? All the things I liked seems to have the same price as when I looked at them weeks ago.