Barney's 2nd Cut Sale - Lots of Bags!

  1. This is the Barneys Beverly Hills location. Tons of stuff, including Lanvin pochettes for $400-something, Derek Lam Hildegard for $449 (down from $1800) in black and brown, Lanvin black Kansas for $600-something, Marc Jacobs quilted styles and wallets down 30%.

    Other styles that were also on sale, but I can't remember the price: Fendi, Balenciaga Matelesse bags in French Blue and White.

    There was actually tons of other stuff as well, but I cannot remember all of them- I scored a Derek lam for myself and the euphoria deleted some of my short-term memory :p

    Go girls go!!!!
  2. Ooo...Lanvin...tempting!
  3. I called NY early this morning to get my MJ. But I think I'll head straight to Beverly Hills tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the update Spiralsnowman! Wow, cant believe the prices of those Derek Lam bags. Weren't these the same bags selling for over $2,000 when first launched??

    What color Hildegard did you buy?

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi Leah! I got the brown one. I'll post pics later, it's a cool bag!

    Did anyone find anything? Hope it's helpful to anyone! If anyone found anything, post pics, I love to drool over others' purchases :biggrin:
  6. i cant believe you got that bag for 449! I am so jealous, I am in love with that bag ! Lucky you!!!
  7. do they have the same sale at nyc?
  8. Thanks aa12! I always wanted one, but the price was out of my budget. Thank goodness for sales :biggrin: I think they do charge-sends if you wanted one too! :yes:

    Here's a couple pics, please excuse the pj's, I took these last night when I was on a sale purchase-high! If anyone gets one, post your purchase too :heart:
    12-23-07-1.jpg 12-23-07-4.jpg
  9. omigosh that is a gorgeous bag at a jaw-dropping price! Congratulations!! And thanks for letting us know!! I would never think to hit Barneys for the after christmas sale before christmas :smile:
  10. Very nice spiralsnowman! :tup:
    Pity Derek Lam stopped making the persephone! I adore big bags.
  11. ^ Such a great price for Derek Lam, congrats!

    Were there any little Stams or The Kid for sale? I'm hoping someone will grab these bags and put them up on eBay - unfortunately that's the only way I'll be able to get one of these babies! :sad:
  12. OMG, I love that bag! You got it at such an amazing price and at such a devine color! I'm so jealous! Congrats!
  13. Gone, baby, gone!:s
  14. would you happen to know if there were any marc jacobs quilted zip clutches? or quilted wallets? if so, do you know how much?

    thank you!!!