Barneys- 20% off Jeans

  1. I just got a Barney's catalog that says "when you bring in a pair of previously loved denim jeans, we will recycle them and give you 20% of you next pair of 7 fo all mankind, 18th ammendment, APC, Citizens of Humanity, Earnes Sewn, Goldsign, Helmut Lang, J Brand, James Jeans, Ksubi, Levi's Capital E, Lommstate, Nudie Jeans, The Proportion of Ble, Rag and Bone, Rogan, Stitch's, Wrangler 47"

    This offer is valid til August 19th at all Barneys CO-OP and flagship locations. Not valid on outlet locations or online.

    Perfect for the fall! Happy shopping! :yahoo:
  2. I'm wondering.. ANY pair of denim jeans?? I have a few non-designer ones that I wore from high school, haha.
  3. It doesn't specify any type of brand, just that they be in "wearable condition".
  4. wow that sounds like a great idea!! they recycle your jeans and you get discount off!! what a great reason to clean out the closet and get new jeans :tup: