Barney Wearhouse Sale NYC

  1. I went there this morning around 7:30, and the line is sooooooo long, and I have to go to work, so I didn't wait in the line. Can any lasdies went this morning, please let us know what do they have and is there any bags for sale this time?
  2. I think the bags were all gone. I went in at 8:30am. None of hte bags were left except 7 for all mankind bags which I have never seen before lol. Shoes were pretty good especially if youre a bigger size. I saw some really cute marc jacobs shoes. THey were marked down to 250 ish. There were a lot of t-shirts and sweaters in all sizes that were marked down about 40%. I think it was pretty good but you are going to have to search for it.. really push your way in and snatch the good stuff lol.

    I unfortunately left with just a sweater that was $119 from 250.

    How did you other ladies do??
  3. I made it to the line at about 7:10am and was 15th or so. But as opening time approached, a couple of people let their friends cut in. My friend and I went STRAIGHT for the handbags. You didn't miss out because the selection was horrible. I saw those 7 for all mankind bags too!

    Shoes were okay - I think they're pretty much picked through now. I had to walk away from a gorgeous pair of flats ($365 to $180) because I simply could not afford them even after the discount (and because I didn't love LOVE them).

    But I did end up buying a really cute striped Trovata sweater and a pair of J brand skinnies.
  4. lol i was supposed to go before work but i slept so late last night i just got lazy in getting up in the morning, even though the alarm woke me up at 5:30AM . and plus i figured i wouldn't get in at 8 am, nor would an hour of shopping be enough for me. ill go after work and again on the weekend i guess.

    i heard they mark down prices every two days, is this true? does anyone know if warehouse sale items get marked down throughout the sale?
  5. This is the first time I went for the opening (for bags), didn't expect there will be a waiting line. And after you ladies said the bag were not good, it was such relieve.:happydance: And they actually do mark down frequently. I remember I went there last year and got some of the stuff for extra 25% off. But can't remember the date!:confused1:
  6. haha I dont think you guys msised much if you didnt get to go. I liked a lot of things but like awong10, i didn't LOVE anything so I just left it all.

    Cute things but nothing really worth buying in my opinion. Especially with all the other sales going on online and just generally any instore sales as well.
  7. Yep, no bags! Was there at 8 and there was a pretty good shoe selection, Chloe, Prada, Blahnik, Lanvin. I walked away with a great pair of python Alaia's, from $945 to $370. Still a bit much but I love, love them! As far as clothing, they had a lot of Rebecca Taylor, MJ, and Phillip Lim 3.1 from $99-250. There were a bunch of jeans for $49, grey Goldsigns and J brand shorts for $39.
  8. awong10, how much were your jbrand skinnies?

    i hear the warehouse sale prices are the same as their regular sale from their last few week.
    those goldsigns sound yummy though i love gray jeans

    im glad everyone says the handbag selection was not impressive - i really cant afford to buy anything right now i spent a lot of my money eating out lately
  9. ahh really? BALENCIAGA BAGS? I totally wouldve bought one.. im in need of a new bag :sad: gosh after hearing that i am so disappointed!!
  10. jbrand skinnies = $29 :p
  11. I was there later...didn't see any bags worth mentioning but there were some ok shoes. I only got a top though, I totally love it its a ruffled Piazza Sempione shell marked down from $495 to $119!
  12. omg! I think i have check this out! were they the 10" 12" or 14"?
  13. yeah the sale wasn't impressive by the time i got there. it was around 12:30 and everything had been picked over. there were a lot of shoes, but they didn't even seem to be marked down by much.