Barney Seattle inventory?

  1. i'm going to seattle in 2 weeks for SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: MUST take advantage of the exchange rate! :shame: it's about time we canadians get a break!
    so, naturally, one of the 3 major items i'll be looking to buy would be a bag.. :p and hopefully a BALENCIAGA one!!!! :nuts:


    p.s anywhere else besides Barney's? :shrugs:
  2. I have not been to Barneys in 2 weeks, no word of what they have.
    I think the variety is not so good, Seattle is way behind with merchandise...
    You`d better be shopping In NY....:tdown:
  3. oh geez... :hysteric: is canada and everywhere around it a dead zone for balenciagas or something.... :cursing:
  4. I was there Saturday and it's pretty bleak if you don't want GH. There was a gorgeous Pine Brief with SGH... I really didn't look too carefully because I'm not into GH; sorry!
  5. Barneys is the only place in Seattle that carries them. I was there this last weekend. They had a couple of works grenat and sapin with regular hardware and a black with GH in both silver and gold. There was also at least one juane and one violet in the smaller size with shoulder straps and lots of brief bags. It wasn't the best selection I have seen but I have seen worse too.
  6. Orinoco - It might be worth a call to Barney's to see if they can have anything that you are interested in sent from another store for you to look at.
  7. Well- just talked to a nice but quirky SA- she told me they had:

    red, green, black, tan- NO GH CP's

    GH City-silver:
    green, red, black, blue

    GH City-gold:
    brown (nice combo BTW!) and black

    sooooooooooooooo-------she also said they probably won't receive anything new until after the 'super sale' they are having right now - in her words... "lots of Prada and stuff- it's amazing."

    She also said that shipping to me was VERRY VERRY expensive (??)-- didn't ask by what means they ship but if Santa drops it off himself it can't be too expensive!