Barney Private Sale?

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  1. I heard that Barney's is having a private sale starting Tuesday, 5/22. I haven't gotten anything in the mail or have ever gone - does anyone have any info?
  2. Recieved Barneys postcard in the mail today... Private sale starts 5/22 (Tues) and it's an one week event. I believe you don't need to present the card to get the discount as it's not stated.

    This's what it said on the card (sorry no scanner at home) "save up to 40% off regular prices on our selection of the finest designer clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women, and children as well as gifts for the home"
  3. Aww..I wish the Barneys in SF would up already. Good hunting, ladies.
  4. thanks a ton!
  5. Is there anything that is excluded? Will it be online too?
  6. Bummer - I'm waiting for the SF Barneys to open as well. I wonder if they'll presale. I'm going to call tomorrow.
  7. Is this the date for chicago too?
  8. I'm guessing all stores but I know Beverly Hills, CA for sure.
  9. Starbuxx,

    How does one get the discount? Is stuff marked down in the store, or do you have to ask for it from an SA?
  10. I've never gone to Barney's private sale but I'm guessing it's like Saks or Neimans and you go into the store and the items on sale are marked. I was going to call the handbag dept. today to see if they know which lines will be on sale. Hope that helps.
  11. has anyone been? i'm thinking of dropping by today...
  12. i called the nyc store and was told it was mosty barneys private label bags on sale...?
  13. Yeah, it's not the designer sale. I was told that still isn't for a few weeks when I asked about a week ago. No good shoes were on sale.
  14. Does anyone know if the private sale will extend to CO-OP?
  15. My SA called me last week for a pre-sale for this private sale already and the items was held and sent out to me after the marked down on the 22nd. I was able to pick up a few paris of CL on sale.

    I know there is going to be another sale on the 31st though. Hope this helps