barney NY warehouse sale

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  1. sorry dont knwo if someone posted this already
    in case anyone is interested....the Barneys NY sale is here in santa monica, CA. Went today, has decent selection, lots of suits and marc jacobs, theory, rebecca taylor, etc. Quite a few pairs of prada, manolo blanik, miu miu shoes around too. Even has a big guys section so u can bring the bfs=) My friend had the luck of grabbing a mulberry bag for $100ish on the first opening day. Didnt see much good purses when i was there. Only Barneys label.
  2. Argh, please tell me the $100 one was a coin purse or something! I was going to go, but I'm sick w/ a cold (better today, though). If they're selling Mulberry at $100, I'm going to be kicking myself for missing it...
  3. Ugh! I don't think I've ever seen a decent bag in my Barney's outlet. The good news though is we're getting an honest to goodness REAL Barneys store next month! I can't wait to check out the goodies in person.
  4. my friend got the mulberry roxanne in gold for around 100!!!! But when i got there there werent anything nearly as good around. I know im sooooo jealous .....I guess all depends on ur luck and if ur there when they put out the new shipment.

    hehe hope ur cold is getting better! .... at least ur saving $$$ by staying at home tho!=)
  5. WOW. Did she go really early, like when the doors opened on the first day? I've always wondered if there were things that went very fast in the early hours. Maybe I'll try that the next time.

    Thanks, I'm feeling a bit better, but I'm still pretty congested. (stupid nose!) :amuse:
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