Barking Problem

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  1. Ok ladies. I need some help. I just went away for a job interview and my neighbor called me to tell me that my dog was barking the entire time I was away. I didn't know. She was actually worried something happened to me because he wouldn't stop barking so that's totally nice of her.

    Now some history about my dog. I got him as a secondary dog to keep my other one company back in june. He never barked while I was gone because he always had his older brother to keep him company. Unfortunately due to shytty circumstances (long story), I had to give his older brother away. And I have been home the entire time since then.

    I also let him sleep with me (beau's idea) because his older brother used to be his snuggle buddy. So I felt sorry for him. When I'm home, the dog never barks. But he is incredibly codependent. Type of pup who follows you everywhere tail wagging.

    When i got home, I let him out of his crate and he spent a good 10 minutes running around in pure glee, giving me many wet kisses.

    What do I do to resolve this? My neighbor is about to have a baby and we have very thin walls. I am also trying to think positive and hope I will be getting this job soon. I don't want to be evicted over a barking pup.

    Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. I've found the citronella spray anti-bark collars work well. I'm sorry I don't have any other suggestions.
  3. He is only 4.6 lbs. I can't use an anti bark collar on the lil guy.:nogood:
  4. Darn. Yeah that is too small.

    How about something like a Kong toy freeze it with peanut butter inside and maybe he'll work on it while you are gone. Bully sticks are good, too. If you think food would keep him distracted.
  5. Yea that's what I'm thinking. Pray I get this new job (just finished fifth and final round today... been on pins and needles since I got home today. Have zero idea how I did.. should know by end of day tomorrow) so that I can buy those kongs and stuff.

    Poor fella was just so happy to seee me when I got home. Kept giving me kisses and tongue all hanging out. Poor guy. His nickname is the "bottomless pit" so I'm sure food would work. Just need this job to buy that food. LOL.
  6. Wishing you the very very best of luck in getting that job!!! Fingers crossed for you.
  7. Thank you!:hugs: I need all the help I can get. Just finished reading the Secret (finally!). Now just focusing on positive images. Getting the happy news tomorrow (hopefully), doing a happy dance with the puppy, giving the good news to my friends and TPFers. And imagining joining the workforce once more - working with those nice people in that beautiful office with a a permanent salary and benefits! Woot!:biggrin: Say a prayer y'all.
  8. Said a prayer for you! Wishing you lots of luck, you really deserve this.
    IDK that I have any pup advice for you - leave one of your sweaters in his crate, perhaps he would find that comforting?
    Good luck!
  9. Leave the television or radio on. I had a little Jack Russell Terrier that was also crazy co-dependent and hated being left alone. After neighbors let me know he was barking the entire time I was at work, I started leaving the tv on, set to the MTV channel (back when they actually played videos), where he could see it. He never barked again.

    Btw, good luck with the job. Fingers crossed everything works out.
  10. Is doggie daycare an option? If not definitely leave a TV on for him. Good luck with your job!

  11. That is what I was thinking. That or a kennel.
  12. I've heard those anxiety vests work for some..good luck..
  13. I used to lock my previous dog in a room when I went out, and she ended up scratching off some of the doorway frame. When I just left her with the whole run of the place, it seemed like she calmed down (she'd hang out on the sofa).
  14. Good luck on the job front.

    Can you do a test run each day of your ritual and routine of leaving the house? plus each day increase the exposure each day of being left?

    Also we had an issue with neighbour and Jude woofing, the dog trainer suggested having a smaller space for her as it would make her feel more secure. Also having a blanket with your scent and we left the tv on too. Plus when you return don't make huge fuss about him just praise his non-barking.

    It all did make a difference took time and consistency with the training…Good Luck.
  15. Thank you!

    Yea I'll try the tv thing. Unfortunately mine shuts off after 4 hours automatically if nothing has been touched. And I got the job. Hurrah!!

    Nah too broke for doggie daycare. May do tv thing. Thank you..

    Nope cannot afford kennel.

    yea I may try this plus a smaller crate. Right now we have a two person crate.

    omg... well before I never had this problem cuz with my first dog I had a small studio (300 sf).

    But this place is over 1, 000 sf n he always prefers staying by my side.

    Yea im thinking small crate with a blankie covering it n putting my old shirt in there. There's an stuff animal I saw online thats supposed to mimic a dogs heartbeat. I tried that with my other dog.. but he completely ignored it and was independent.

    I think I will try the vest too. I feel super bad about the crate but this place is really too overwhelming for him. He is so tiny. 3.6 lbs

    I got a week to work thru this. Thanks ladies.