Barking Dogs

  1. I'm a first time pet owner, I acquired a gorgeous sharpei last year, he is 1 yr 3 months old male.

    Luckily, Kirby doesn't bark but occasionally, he quietly sleeps throughout the night. Whenever he barks, I make sure he knows I don't like it and he stops. I noticed some of the dogs around my neighborhood bark at all hours, day and night, this is annoying!!!

    Am i just lucky? Will my dog change his behavior as he gets older?
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  2. Hmm, usually their behavior stays the same. My chihuahua is 2 months older than your dog and she was never really a barker when she was a puppy. The only time she would bark is when someone rings the bell or when we go for a walk and she sees other dogs but after I got her spayed, she doesn't bark at anyone/anything unless it's the bell.

    I've noticed that your sharpei is a boy. I also think it has to do with the dog's "attitude". If he feels like he has to protect you, his barking might change. My friend's pom was such a sweetheart but as he got older, he got really protective of his owner (my friend) and whenever someone touches her, he would stop barking like crazy.
  3. Sounds like Kirby is one well bahaved pooch! Most likely that is just his personality; he isn't a barker and probably won't develop the habit.
  4. My dog isn't a barker either, only when someone knocks and occasionally when we're playing with her she barks. She's a boxer though and they're known to be more quiet dogs.
  5. ^^I agree. My boxer is a puppy and she hardly barks. At first I was scared and I thought that she didn't know how but we went to the park and she barked at another dog (they were playing though) about 4 times and that was all.
  6. My dog Roxy barks every once in a while when she gets excited. We just moved to a bottom floor apartment (from a top floor apartment) so now she hears EVERYTHING. ANd the mailbox is right next to our front door so whenever she hears someone getting the mail or going up the stairs she goes to the door. She barked a bit the first couple of weeks but we would say her name loudly and she would look down as if to say "Sorry!" and is growing out of it. Now she mostly just wimpers and looks at me like, "Can I go play with whoever is out there?"
  7. Sounds like you have set the ground rules for barking and your pup is willing to follow it. I doubt he'll grow up to be a maniac barker now. He's almost grown now!

    My two only bark when they have something to say. This is great because then I know there is something not right in their environment, such as someone at the door or a cat stuck someplace and needs human help. I allowed them to bark when someone rang the bell only because I wanted people to know I was not alone here. But they always shut up when I tell them to.

    Nothing bugs me more than dogs who bark all night long. I can imagine that they are tied up outside and ignored all the time. Breaks my heart.
  8. Usually they settle into a pattern and stay with it unless there is a dog nearby, new member of the household, new cat, whatever..

    I have 5 dogs, and they are all different, and all consistent....

    Buddy (shepherd mix)---barks at all dogs and all people who walk by. Barks at visitors for a moment or two, then gets bored and wanders away.

    Suzie (ridgeback mix)--barks at stray dogs, not dogs with people attached. Barks to call the others if she finds a rat. (yes, we have those out in the country) Barks to call the others to the gate, then goes and lays down and lets them handle it.

    Gypsy--barks at people and cars only if they come to my actual gate. Continues to bark for a while. If it is a guest, I have to hug them, then she will stop. I have hugged the termite man for this reason. Barks at people with hats.

    Lucy (chi/terrier)--always checks to see if it is worth barking at, but yelps like crazy if one of us is coming home. None of the other dogs do this. will bark at stray dogs and ATVs, and groups of people, but not a walker or jogger.

    Elua (dachshund)--barks briefly when any of the others bark but will only get off her butt to join gypsy at the gate for something really important.

    Its very handy...I know if I hear gypsy, its a visitor....if its Lucy, DD is home, etc....
  9. Laughing my butt of here at "hugging the termite man" comment! I can just see it now! "Uh, Sir, can I hug you so my dog will stop barking?" :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. ^^thats pretty much how it went, LOL! See, he had a hat, too....
  11. Oh MY! Now I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!! I can JUST see this! HA!!!
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. I also noticed he doesn't bark at other dogs...he "bully" them...he raises his head and position himself in "I'm the king" husband says that's sign of confidence..not sure if is true...
  14. Sasha, the GSD in my sigline, is very territorial and barks at anyone coming near the house. She means business and would 'have' anyone who came in uninvited :wtf:. I always check who it is, then shut her in the kitchen to avoid callers being eaten. This is quite normal for the breed though, being a guard dog.

    My previous dog - a Staffie - barked incessantly at everything :cursing:. Other dogs, people (though would greet them with kisses) you name it, that dog barked. I tried so many things re training, nothing worked.

    Both these dogs were rescue, so I don't know how much can be trained out (most I would imagine, but it takes commitment and time).

    Sounds like you've got a quiet one there, be thankful!
  15. Our dogs aren't barkers either - they bark at the doorbell, when someone comes up to the door (UPS, etc), and when they have something to say. Our big dog goes on patrol around the back yard at night when I'm home alone -- he barks around the block wall, once or twice around, and then comes back in. Every now and then, he'll bark out back until I call him or DF whistles.

    I think they pick up their barking habits when they're puppies. Certain breeds bark more than others, but it always seems that dogs that come from pet stores or puppies who have been in a shelter bark more. My schnauzer (very barky breed) hardly barks at all, but when he was a pup, he didn't need to - he had my full attention and learned to be more of a snuggler than a rough player.