Barking can cost you

  1. Just watching the news this morning and not sure if this is in effect for anywhere else but Orange County, CA...

    Apparently if your dog is barking for more than 30 mins, the owner can be fined up to $1,000 or put in jail up to 6 months!

  2. Wow! Is this a new law in California?
  3. Yes I believe so!
  4. Wow, I did not know this. I have 3 pugs and they bark sometimes (well 2 of them do) but usually only if they hear another dog barking in the neighborhood.

    Is that your pug in your signature? Sooo cute! We both live in OC and have pugs!
  5. way to go legislators -- tossing an owner in jail for six months is the PERFECT way to get a dog to stop barking. :noggin:

  6. Hehe! The pug is my brothers. Yep---he got a GIRL pug! lol
  7. OMG this can't be legal? I would sue if they tried to put me in jail for my chi, barking. why don't they concentrate on actual criminals.
  8. I think a fine is a good deal. though not jail

    at my moms house, the people behind her let their dogs bark NONSTOP! it's so annoying and I wish they would get fined.
  9. 6 months in jail? That's way too hardcore :wtf:
  10. Oh something similar is going on in the town that FH and I will be moving to. If neighbors complain about your dog barking, the authorities can have your dog taken to the pound! :sad:

    I'm pretty upset about it as we were hoping to get a little pug.
  11. Well she is adorable and looks completely spoiled! (as every pug should be!) :heart:
  12. Some pugs bark, some don't. I have one who never barks at all. The other two pugs I have are barkers. One has a pretty low quite bark but the other one sounds like a basset hound or something! His bark is very loud and funny. For the most part they just bark if they hear someone outside or another dog in the neighborhood barking. They don't bark for more than like a minute before the forget what they are barking at and move on. I swear they have ADD.

    If you get a pug and familiarize him/her with outside sounds you should have no problem.

    Dogs will be dogs.
  13. Yikes!
  14. OMG & some paedophiles or rapists get 6 months, the law is a joke!
  15. it isnt your fault if you cant keep you dog from barking