Barkeeper's Friend for Calphalon cleaning...anything better?

  1. I upgraded my prior Calphalon cooking set to their newer hard-anodized line; handles stay cool vs. what I had prior from 10 years ago.

    They recommend Barkeeper's Friend and included a small sample of it with my purchase at Macys. Anyone have any better ideas? I didn't like how it got stale smelling after awhile...not what I need in a cleanser. Is Comet OK as it was with the older Calphalon hard anodized line?

  2. stale smelling? I triple heart barkeepers friend and I never noticed a stale smell? i've never used the sample though...just the cleaner. There is a smell when i'm cleaning with it, but once it's washed smell.

    I also use Mr. Clean magic erasers. Amazing.
  3. Yeah, I might not have posted very clearly, sorry. I meant that while I'm cleaning with it it has a smell, just like you posted. (not sure how to describe it but it wasn't what I expected). I guess I'm used to a fresher scent with cleansers. I love how it cleans, and you're right, no smell afterwards!

    I couldn't find it at drugstores around's on Amazon - any other places to purchase?

  4. it was at my grocery store..and it's also at BB&B
  5. i think it smells metallic. It definately doesn't smell like fresh flowers or lemon.
  6. I started using this because it's recommended by the All Clad community. I bought mine at Williams Sonoma and then found a bigger one for the same price at BB&B. It would be even cheaper with the 20% off coupon, but oh well.
  7. Thank you both! I'll check out BB&B...I don't need anything else from Amazon and thought it would be a little silly just buying cleanser there.