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  1. I just ordered my first BarkBox for my Golden Retriever, Remy! I'm so excited for him to get his presents next month... not like he has enough stuff already :rolleyes: Luckily we have lots of friends to share toys with!

    Does anyone else have BarkBox? How long have you had it and how are you liking it?
  2. I don't have a subscription but have looked into it so please come back and let us know what it's like when you get your first box.

    I have 2 Goldens myself but one is really finicky about treats as he won't eat anything that is out of the ordinary and my other doesn't play with toys anymore since she is older. Would love to hear what kinds of things they include in the boxes and whether you think it's worth the cost.
  3. Yes. Remy is such a little brat when it comes to treats! He's more picky than any people I know... I'll definitely be sure to post pictures next month when it comes in! Can't waitt!
  4. I never heard of them! I'll try it.
    I can't find what type of treats they send. Are they all natural? When I look at the ingredient list of some of the treats at Petco/Petsmart, I can't believe the sugar they put in dog treats! My guys get gunky ears from carbs with high glycemic.
  5. I've looked into the MeowBox, they have a nice selection of stuff!

    I think I will order one to test it out because my younger cat Lady is 4 and she loves new toys and will probably play with the box more then it's contents lol! I was going to order earlier this week but first delivery is April 15th so I might as well order closer to April!
  6. I know... some doggie treats are so awful!! I went through their website a little bit and because what goes in the box changes every month, they don't have a specific list of what they send out. I'm sure there is information on the actual product once you receive it. I did find these links however:

    In regards to the safety and types of items in the boxes :smile:
  7. Thanks!
    I think I'll try the six month plan since it's $5 off. :biggrin:
  8. I got a 6 month subscription to Bark Box for my dogs in December. Overall I think it is ok - not great but not bad either. I will most likely cancel at the end of the six months. I have two large German Shepherds - each about 100lbs. Almost every toy that we receive is destroyed within a matter of days if not hours. They love the treats but are not picky dogs and would just as happily eat the cheap treats that the groomer gives out.

    I'll have to check out MeowBox for the cats...
  9. I hope our toys last. My biggest dog (140lbs) does not destroy toys. My100lb girl does. She's ruthless!:lol::lol:
    When I think back, it's always my girls who tear up toys. My smallest dog (60lb boxer) could destroy any stuffed toy within minutes.
  10. I thought about getting the Barkbox for my Great Boxer but now I'm thinking against it. If the toys are flimsy it just wouldn't be worth it. Ezio can destroy a toy in minutes and will eat anything. Oh well, money saved for other doggy goods I guess. Thanks for the reviews everyone!
  11. Hi all!! Remy received his first Bark Box yesterday and we're really happy with the results. He got a stuffed owl that we have named Otto (yes we name the toys, please don't judge!) that's made from recycled and natural materials. It's stuffed but it's not that typical white toy stuffing, it's kind of firmer. The toy seems pretty sturdy and is so adorbs!

    He got a ton of treats... two bags of nugget type treats (all natural) kale and peanut butter; and chicken. He also got these treats that I believe are meat flavored that you can pop in the freezer for a hot day which are hopefully coming for us in CT.

    I'm really happy with everything, especially that it's all organic/natural/green/healthy. Rem likes the treats too so that's the cherry on top! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the boxes, I'm hoping they have more actual toys than treats in the future!