Bargaining Price with huge 50k+ Views Youtube Promo?

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  1. Hey,

    Im interested in dramatic Square Jaw reduction, Zygoma reduction and tip plasty for my nose.
    If I had an youtube channel with ~50k - 100k views per video where I do vlogs (last 7 videos). And I would tell the doctor that I would make videos about my face after surgery because it is obvious that I had an surgery. I would show him my channel while my consultation too. So one video after the surgery and one after few weeks. And I would tell only positive criticism about the clinic and the results if they go as planned.

    Do you think I could bargain down the price?

    I know that if he f**ks the surgery up, ~50k people will see it. And he doesnt know if I really would say good things about the clinic if everything goes as planned. And another problem is that the videos will be for my german subscribers, so it will be only promo for german people. I could also say that I will do the videos in English and the videos will reach at least 50k+ views. Do you think he would be interested in it? Im interested in View clinic. So what do you think? Should I tell them about Youtube or not?
  2. It's up to your consultant really, the consultant is the one who calls whatever price they feel like giving you. If the consultant purposely gives you a ridiculous price, they could just cut it down and pretend as if it's a huge discount while having you advertise for them

    So many people have social media these days with thousands subscribers and followers, and I'm sure you're not the first person to try to cut down the price by offering to advertise. They may or may not be interested in having you advertise, especially clinics like Banobagi most likely wouldn't, since they already sponsored people with a big following

    Just talk with your consultants during your consults and see what they think, I doubt you can get any super fantastic deals unless you also agree to be a surgery model for them and have potential for dramatic results
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  3. I think you have nothing to loose. If I were you, I would tell them about Youtube and I'd ask what they think. Maybe they will offer you good discount, maybe not. At least you will try and know their opinion.
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  4. Thank you guys. Im just scared that the doc will say "If I fk up this surgery 50.000 people will see it, I dont want to do this surgery anymore," Or smthg. like that -.-
  5. I think they might offer u special contract that kinda oblige u to say positive things about them. But I think for bloggers they do their best.
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  6. Hrmmm if i were you, I would use your youtube to proposition the clinic. Something like this do not speak to just the consultant about it, you should speak to the head surgeon or the business director or at least the business manager about it. In a clinic like view it is very easy to get access to upper management because they dont have extensive infrastructure.

    And even though you r catering to german viewers, you can totally argue that Germany is a new potential market for them (Maybe???) lol....if its not just convince them to take the chance they don't really lose out on anything. I mean its not like they are giving you a completely free surgery.
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  7. I am from germany ^^ Where are you consulting besides View? :smile:

    PM your youtube if you like I will follow.
  8. If he says "If I fk up this surgery 50.000 people will see it, I dont want to do this surgery anymore,"- I think you should choose a different surgeon :smile: There is always risk of complications, but I think that a good specialist should assume success.

    P.S. You don't have to do separate videos in german and in english. You can add english subtitles to videos in german.
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