Bargain Shopping in NYC

  1. I'm planning on going to Manhattan in November. Anyone have suggestions for where I can do some bargain shopping while I'm there? I went last year but it was my first time so we spent most of our time being tourists and not enough time shopping. But this time, I can concentrate on shopping and eating my way around Manhattan!! :smile:
  2. Century 21
    Filene's Basment
    local thrift shops around union square

    these stores are mostly hit n miss
  3. try citysearch or new york magazine for listings on sample sales going on at that time. there's always something fun on sale in new york. have fun :p
  4. if you have extra time you could go to woodbury commons for some outlet shopping. you can take a bus from the city for reasonably cheap and you get a coupon book included.

    it's also hit and miss...
  5. Thanks for the suggestions!