Bargain of the century???????

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  1. Having visited the York outlet a few weeks ago and being very disappointed, I was very excited about my first visit to Bicester last week-end. I had arranged tickets to silverstone for the family males so my 2 daughters accompanied me to Bicester Village.

    I didn't intend spending anything but had been fancying a white or cream bag for the summer. I was very naughty and bought a white poppy reduced to £178.00.

    By total coincidence my daughters boyfriend decided he wanted to go back on the sunday to look in the north face outlet, so I went back to mulberry to ask for the poppy dust bag, as I wasn't given one on the saturday. Two young girls were being served in front of me, and had obviously asked the assistant to look for something in the back room. She came out with a small white leather bag, and asked the girl if she wanted it, and that it was £17.00!!!!!! The girl said no, it was far to small for her. The assistant then asked the girls friend if she wanted it. She also said no. She then looked at me and held the bag out. I asked again how much, to clarify, and she said £17.00. As you can guess, I snatched her hand off. How lucky was that???
  2. Wow on both counts!! :faint:

    There was a meet at Mulberry on Sunday ... perhaps you saw some of the ladies off here too :nuts:
  3. Thanks. No, we went after the racing at silverstone so it was about 4.30 when we got there. The mulberry store was quiet. There were some good bargains. Unfortunately we don't have any shops in sheffield of the quality they have at bicester. We are planning to go again as soon as we can.
  4. Yes, Bicester is nice. I went last summer.

    There is also a Mulberry outlet at Cheshire Oaks - much closer to you! Not sure what else they have there, tho Im sure some of the others who have been there could tell you :smile:
  5. What a fabulous bargain and if you don't use it, you could always make it a designer gift to a friend. Well done.
  6. That's a nice bag Vix and for 17 pound!! holy crap! what a great bargain!
  7. there's one exactly the same on Ebay...congrats
  8. What a bargain! ConCongeways
  9. Bargain. Love it whatever it's called!
  10. That is so pretty - how lucky that you went there at precisely the right time.
  11. Both bags at fabulous prices!! What a bargain. Congrats.
  12. Wow, congrats on the Poppy firstly but special congrats on the bargain bag! It will make a perfect Summer Evening bag.

    We would have just left by the time you got there - that's a shame, its always nice to meet other pfers.
  13. wow thats dame cute loving the leather also well done on the poppy xxx
  14. That's a nice bargain, both bags! Congrats!