Bargain of the century winging its way to me..

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  1. I've wanted one of these for a long time and have managed to find one in a beautiful colour, literally mint condition and at an unbelievable price. Oh, and it's darwin! I'm so excited!!!!!! Can you guess what it is? :graucho:

    Clues are something old, something blue...:cool:

    I'm not due to receive the bag for another couple of days but will get pics on here as soon as I do! :yahoo:
  2. Wow, OBTM, tantalising!
  3. Intrigued now...
  4. He he :greengrin: I'm not sure how long I can string this out for as I don't have the discipline to do long reveals and I want to show her off! My DH enabled me too by assisting me in some swift bidding on Ebay - something I never thought I would see - the Mulberry addiction is spreading!
  5. ooh ooh, joint bidding, how exciting - you have a good relationship. DH and I would kill each other if we tried that. Even more intrigued now...
  6. He didn't bid himself, just grabbed the mouse and bid for me - I have him to thank for my delectable bargain! :biggrin:
  7. So go on what is it?
  8. ooh hang on, is it a Kensington? Complete guess but I noticed there was a lovely navy one on there...
  9. No, not a Kensington... :P :happydance:
  10. This might give it away but it isn't navy blue but light blue - I believe the official colour is aqua :beach:
  11. aha! Has to be a Roxy. x
  12. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get your batteries sorted out and let's see it OBTM!
  13. He he, you guessed it! :party:

    I haven't received her yet as only won the auction tonight but the seller despatches within 48 hours so will put modelling pics on here hopefully sometime on Monday if not before x
  14. Can i ask a question has this very recently finished? I would definitely suggest getting the roxy that finished this evening checked on the authenticate this thread before it's posted to you and check the serial number. Sorry if you hate me for bursting the bubble I am not brilliant on these but I would be a little cautious with that one.
  15. In the meantime here are some of the seller's photos of my new to me beauty - as you can see she is in incredible condition and I beat 31 other bids to pay just £225!!! :roflmfao: Joining fionarcat and gunsandbanjos in the bargain camp!

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