Bargain Huntresses - I need your help on JIMMY CHOO

  1. I need help on where to buy jimmy choo's for under retail.
    Especially anything white and strappy for my wedding.

    Please help :smile:
    thank you ladies!
  2. try bluefly
  3. Believe it or not when I was down in Palm Beach after Xmas, Jimmy Choo boutique had a section of 50% off items, I purchased a gorgeous bag for $600. You might want to consider calling some boutiques.
  4. thanks rere,Iwill try calling them..
    and thanks heavunlydevil, but I don't purchase from bluefly anymore.
  5. Hi ShkBass - when is your wedding?! It must be such a wonderful time for you, congratulations! I have to say that other than sales at Jimmy Choo/Saks/NM (which aren't going on anymore) the only other place I can think of is eBay. Lots of Choos in all different sizes there. Best of luck!
  6. Hi! Where are you located? I'm a personal shopper so I know lots of places in big cities but can tell you better where to go if I know what area you are near. There are also a couple girls on eBay who sell a few big name designers at really good prices. I'll check back soon.
  7. thanks for the kind words.
    Mywedding is on october 6 2007
    and I'm located in the washington,dc area (virginia side)
    I will takea look at eBay, I'm just so nervous about getting fakes, so I haven't looked but i am.
    I am looking for the Lithe slingback in white or something similiar.
    thanks for your advices!
  8. I agree with ReRe. Try the Jimmy Choo boutique in Chevy Chase. I've found some great shoes there during their sales.
  9. I was going to recommend you some places to go in the Bay Area as we have fabulous outlets here, but you are closer to NYC. There was another thread about Century 21 department store. You should check that out. They have great stuff.

    I have never been to Virginia but they probably have great outlet stores there, too. I think there's a girl called naturalgasgirl on ebay. Try her. I know she lists Louboutins and Chanel and Manolos, stuff like that. Congrats on your wedding, that's so wonderful!
  10. Oooo..where in the Bay Area can we get Jimmy's or Louboutins for under retail?
  11. naturalgas sells authentic shoes but she often prices above retail
  12. Really? Okay. I got a great pair of sky blue Manolos from her a few years ago and they were only about $299. I'm not disagreeing with you, just haven't seen that. I know she does get a lot of hard to find pairs too.

    Good luck all!