1. I am going to unashamedly plug the sale of an authentic Blue Jean Birkin 30cm currently for sale on eBay .... item nbr: 6884976701

    I cannot recommend this seller highly enough, all her items are without a shadow of a doubt, authentic, she is a MPRS and her service leaves others standing!! and it takes a lot for me to say that LOL.

    As many of you know, the BJ is, along with the black and gold, the most sought after of colours and near on impossible to snag in a boutique.

    This particular BJ Birkin is in the 30cm size and is a sale piece (the sale Birkins are only available to VIP clients a couple of days before the general public sale) - unlike the shooting star Birkins, sale Birkins are still accepted by Hermes for reconditioning if and when required.

    It's in the clemence leather, super durable, scratch and waterproof and it looks to me to be in superb condition, the plastic is still on the hardware and at this price is an absolute bargain, lower than retail .... many of you know that the BJ Birkins usually sell for a few thousand $$$$ more than this one is currently selling at.

    I believe the reason this particular Birkin has the S stamp is that the craftsman has put the blindstamp on upside down, but other than that, its a perfect example of the BJ Birkin.

    I won't say good luck to anyone thinking of buying this beautiful bag, as I know they won't be disappointed ..... but happy handbags everyone:flowers:

  2. interesting and quite tempting!
  3. How gorgeous - and such great pics!!! (oh how I wish it were green!!!). Hope someone nice takes her home!
  4. It's beautiful! My dream bag :biggrin: Thank you for the information Flossyfigaro! I wish she accepted payment plans because I would snatch this up immediately. :cry:
  5. Hi May, not sure if she can accept payment plans or how many she could accept, you could always try her .... I don't think it will be around very long at this price though.

    I know I can't take payment plans here if payment is made via PayPal due to their strict rules, one payment per auction otherwise they don't offer the buyer and seller insurance (not that there insurance is much cop anyway).

  6. I think I will ask her and I'm going to do it now, lol. This is a fabulous price for a beautiful bag. Thanks again Flossyfigaro!
  7. Pleasure May - if I didn't already have a 30cm and 35cm in the BJ, I would have snapped it up myself:smile: good luck
  8. Yes, very good , honest seller. I have purchased from this seller before.
  9. I would've snapped this up in a second if I hadn't just bought a Birkin. INCREDIBLE!!!
  10. Bought BJ yesterday (for several thousand more!) Everybody has heard...(I'm excited). Have always been afraid to buy off the web...good to know there is someone trustworthy
  11. Can someone tell me, is the blue jean color more like the set of pics on top, or on bottom? I wish I could see a blue jean color in person, it never seems to capture quite properly digitally.
  12. Blue Jean in Clemence is slightly darker and more rich than in Togo, it is a true sky blue. Often, pics on ebay make Blue Jean appear as if it has a turquoise shade to it. It really doesn't.
  13. I think it's more like the second set, but a little darker. No cobalt or periwinke hue like the first set of pics.
  14. OMG! THis is killing me! Must look away and pretend I did not see this! I swear, this color birkin is just haunting me and I can't do anything about it....YET.! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Someone please buy this bag so I can't be tempted!
  15. JAG, I thought of you when I saw this...

    GT (ducking for cover)