Barfy fakes in Chinatown

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  1. Ugh... Today I went to Chinatown just for something *different* to do...

    In one of the little "fashion" shops along Wentworth Ave., I saw quite possibly the WORST fake LV and Coach bags ever! The LV had some fugly fake ostrich details, and crappy, orangey-gold hardware. I looked at the price, thinking it HAD to be dirt cheap considering how sh*tty it was... They wanted $65.00 dollars!

    :sick: :throwup: :censor: Agh, the audacity!
  2. :cursing:
  3. Hi my chicago friend, if you go to Rush st, you will find people selling Prado for 30 bucks :smile: It's amazing that in the area where the average income is the highest in Chicago area, I still see people flocking to these Prado bags
  4. LOL, or "Bumbergy" plaid scarves! :roflmfao: Yep, I've noticed that on Rush St. too... It kills me how many people buy those, even though NM and Water Tower Place are right down the street. (And worth the extra $$.)

    I just can't believe the cost of crappy fakes! Or people trying to actually pass off crappy fakes as real!
  5. iono, my local Chinatown does sell some fakes, but never bags. More like "burberry inspired pens" lol. However, I do notice that the people carrying bags in Chinatown are all authentic. I see some of the best LVs there, and yet... when i go to any western place besides Chinatown, there are a LOT of fakes. This probably depends on where you live, but for me, it's like that.
  6. Yea...I have seen those people, someone should remove them from the Streets!!! They are also all over Chicago Ave. near the red line, and then over near the ESPN Zone on one of those side streets, near Jewel - and the worst thing about it -the COPS do nothing!!!!!

    i remember when I first moved to Chicago back in the mid 90's and the street sellers were everywhere...then for many years they were pretty much non-existent, now that all over again? Don't understand....thank God, I prefer REAL LV, Gucci and Burberry!!!!!
  7. I see those fakes in Chinatown too in the new Chinatown Square.
  8. When I was in Manhattan recently, street sellers were all over the place right, not even in Chinatown, just on the corners. I don't understand how Chloe and Chanel lawyers will try to prosecute some small-time seller on IOffer but do nothing about all the fake sellers right under their noses!
  9. I was in Chinatown before Christmas, and WOWIEE, it was MAD! Everything looks SO plastic and fake, yet people are still buying it by the truckloads!! :cursing:
  10. In Manhattan's Chinatown, you can definitely see terrible fakes in the open. My friend told me that you have to know someone to get into the "back rooms" where they supposedly keep the good fakes. It's all very sad. Every now and then, you read about a raid by law enforcement, but that's like trying to plug a fire hydrant with your little finger.
  11. Ick...
  12. Just gross!!!!!!