Barf. Tacky Beckham Pictures.

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  1. Warning, please don't read this if you like either of them.

    Well I don't hate David Beckham that much, I just think he has a huge ego and tacky taste in a wife.

    But I do love Rock and Republic Jeans - those are probably the only thing good that's come out of that woman.,19884,1175378_5,00.html


    Who would wear that to a BEACH? YACK ME. Ok. I'm sure she's some person's fantasy, but who wants a WAY TOO SKINNY widerimmed sunglasses obessed, my-mouth-is-frozen-in-a-way-too-large-PERMAPOUT, wench of a wife that is Victoria Beckham? :blink:

    She's transcended the attempted Snob Phase and just irritates my Obnoxious Nerve.

    I'm really not this bitter in real life, I just can't figure out that picture for the life of me...

    Posh - "Quick, you ALL must notice me because I am a QUEEN ... AND I'm MARRIED to BECCCCCCCKKKKK-Ham. Eat your heart out, civilians. I am FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH-bulous."

  2. Cant say I'm a fan of the outfit!
  3. Chaaav !!

    I think Victoria has nice outfits sometimes, but this is not one of those times. And her boob job isn't looking so great.
  4. ewwww...gross legs, tan, breasts...


    ugh, and I just noticed her huge spider-fingers. LOL!
  5. Oh my, that is just so wrong on so many levels!
  6. she does not look good.
  7. haha!

    btw, i mailed out your dior and louis vuitton bags women!

    ill email u ina few with the details
  8. You know who I can picture Victoria looking like in 30 years?

    Magda from Something About Mary.

    All that tanning's going to make her look worse then a crocodile. (unless it's one that's used to make a Birkin :biggrin: )

    Gucci, YAYAYAYAYAY! I'm so excited!
  9. I like it though :s
  10. ^ I was just saying to my best friend the other day that I was going to turn into Magda in a few years! I lay out like mad, and then to tone down the damn wrinkles I get my botox!!! I just can't resist the sun when its been as gorgeous as it has been lately! (I do slather on the spf) but my color is starting to look likes Madgas! YIKES!

    Victoria pisses me off as well. She just looks like she would be the bggest snobby *****. (maybe she is really nice...I hope so.) David is not the brightest star in the sky..Has anyone seen him interviewed? WUSSY.
  11. I actually like it.
  12. interesting...
  13. She looks awful! I still like Victoria tough she is fab!
  14. I like it ... :weird:
  15. David Beckham is hot :love:
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