Barenia vs Box

  1. After reading HG's leather guide, Barenia seem to be a better leather than box ?!!

    Box is terrible with water, it blisters !!

    Any of you have any views ???
  2. Well, it all boils down to taste. Box is glossy and more rigid than Barenia, and will appear dressier, IMO. Barenia, is very soft and will darken and develop a glossier patina with time. I see a Barenia Birkin as being very casual. I hope I'm explaining this well. That's the beauty of Hermes leathers, there's one for every occasion.
  3. You are doing a great job with the description ;)

    is Barenia heavier than box ??
  4. IMO, yes.
  5. I guess there's no 'perfect' leather !! :supacool:
  6. HG, that's a wonderful description of Barenia vs Box Calf! :flowers:

    Box Calf = Dressy
    Barenia = Casual

    Both are beautiful leathers IMO! :heart:
  7. Katy, if you're talking about wear, in describing some of the Toile combos coming out next year to me with Barenia-my SA's description of Barenia was--"shows every mark, stain, etc." She knows that I'm quite partial to the "textured" leathers since I don't like wear to show, so I guess that's why she was pretty straight-forward in describing the Barenia, knowing that it wasn't for me. Despite the fact that it may achieve a nice patina over time, the waiting time and initial wear would kill me. I am, however more partial to Box--it's just so beautiful, but does achieve a more formal look.
  8. I have a friend who grabbed her Barenia Belt with damp hands and it is irrepairably stained. Perhaps the stains will meld in with patina, but it IS a shame.

    Still, I ADORE Barenia. And Box. LOL.
  9. That's interesting to know, K. I thought that water just evaporated on barenia and water marks just disappeared!
  10. So did I,, but this wasn't the case for this lovely H belt......I'm sure it will blend over time, though....

    I am seeing my manager later this week to change my Natural Chamonix Birkin Order to another leather, as I've just forund out how BADLY this leather can mark from water, too!! UGH!
  11. I think they are both beautiful leathers, as HG says, Barenia is more casual than Box, but they are BOTH very delicate.....I personally like the way these two leathers age, and all the scratches and marks just add to their beauty...
  12. This is how eBay seller Objets_Intemporels describes Barenia:

    Barenia is the original saddle leather. The processing of Barenia leather, which has a very fine, natural grain, gives it its unmistakable luxurious “feel”. In order to achieve optimal quality, it is tanned in a time-consuming process that is periodically interspersed with “rest phases” for the material (other sellers: please do NOT copy)

    Barenia leather is a leather for the Hermes connoisseur. Pls do not buy Barenia if this is your first piece of Hermes, but consult a sales person at Hermes first. It is an acquired taste. It is a VERY soft leather, with a velvety texture and it shows EVERY little touch, scratch and stain. Barenia leather has to remain untreated (no cremes, no moisturizing lotions) - it is a natural leather which gains a lovely patina over time. ​
  13. OMG.
    I think it takes a very rich or very brave person to own a box or a bareina bag
    :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  14. K, that's interesting about the waterstains. I've taken the Barenia out in the rain and it got waterspots that did evaporate. I've also gotten hotdog grease on it. I've wiped it with a dampcloth to try to clean it and so far, no problem. It lightened the stain, somewhat. I also find the grease stain is fading and blending with the patina. I find that I have to constantly rub the Barenia down with my hands to erase the scratches, it seems to be hastening the patina process. Perhaps your friend can do that?

    I have to agree with Objets Intemporals, Barenia and Vache Natural are not for the first time buyer. The scratches and stains can make you freak out. I guess I've learned to appreciate that it's part of the process.
  15. high quality saddle leather is an amazing thing -- it takes a lot , but with proper care turns becomes more and more beautiful with age. saddles and bridlery get sat on, covered with numerous substances (including water, sweat -- both equine and human -- mud, dander, dust, horse slobber), tossed around, rubbed, jostled and generally put through the wringer. which is not to say one should abuse tack, but its intended use necessarily brings with it a bit of a tough life. at the end of the day's equine activities the tack is cleaned with saddle soap and water, every few weeks it is conditioned, and a couple times a year oiled.

    as it's used the leather will develop scratches, dark patches and other marks -- but with constant use and cleaning they develop a deep, glowing burnished finish from all that friction. they've just got to go through an initial ugly duck phase to turn into swans. since barenia is a saddle leather i'd imagine that this applies to it as well -- though because of the tanning in oil process i don't think it would ever require conditioning or oiling. if i had a barenia piece i'd just rub it down every couple days with a very slightly damp cloth. and ignore the marks and such until they start to turn into a patina, as HG describes with the grease stain.