Barenia SOS!!! Can this be restored?

  1. I just found this mark on my beautiful little barenia Picotin. I know barenia scratches and patinas, but can a spot as big and dark as this one be blended in somehow?
    P1090199.jpg P1090200.jpg
  2. Yikes - what is it Luv2?
  3. Yes; it should (eventually) blend--don't put anything on it, be patient, and rub it with (clean) fingers and it will become less noticeable over time and hopefully eventually disappear.
    Do you have any idea what it's from?
  4. I'm not sure what it is. I assume it's some sort of oil based stain. I usually keep about three bags on the passenger seat in my car and switch back and forth depending on where I'm going. I just noticed this when I brought the bags in the house last night. I'm not sure if could have been food or maybe sunscreen??
  5. I don't know enough about Barenia to help you but I hope it becomes part of the patina. Someone will know what to do :flowers:
  6. No worries, my barenia had baby spit-up :wtf: and I took it to H a year later and they cleaned it up pretty good. I was also caught up in the rain with my barenia once - had a panic moment but turned out I didn't need to worry. It's one of the hardiest leather I know....:yes:
  7. Oh, maybe, I'll try rubbing it like Pepper suggested and if that doesn't help, I'll call the store and see if I should send it in...
  8. Luv2shop...

    I don't think this is a blendable stain. I agree with you, it looks oil based to me also. You may just have to learn to live with it. I got a water stain on a side seam piece of vachetta on my LV keepall that I use constantly. Let me tell you I was sick as an entire bottle of water spilled in that bag one trip. Oh how I wanted to cry when I looked at that bag. No other damage, but the "big" spot on the side. It's now been several years and while the leather around it has darkened, it will never darken that stain away. Let me also add that I love this Keepall, I love it's unique marking on the side as it's mine. Like my LV Keepall, your Barenia will just keeping getting a little more "unique" as time goes by!:yes:
  9. Yes, but why does it have to be unique in a way that says "Im the victim of a clumsy owner who leaves me around food and junk"?:cursing::shame:
  10. rub, rub, rub that barenia! the heat, friction and oil from your hands will help to blend it. since barenia is cured with a great deal of oil, even if this is oil based you should be fine. if it were vache naturel, which is like LV's vachetta, it would NOT blend in as easily because the leather is more 'nude' for lack of a better word. which is why all my VN is oiled and conditioned.

    you COULD lightly treat the bag with hermes saddle oil -- i did this to my eBay barenia kelly, which was improved 200% after a teeny bit of oil and much elbow grease. but it's not for the faint of heart or inexperienced.

    all in all i think the best course is probably just to rub at it and use it a lot to get the patina going. eventually you'll get more spots and stains, but over time they become what is so beautiful about the barenia patina! you just have to get through the emotionally draining ugly duckling phase.
  11. If it were me, I would go to Hermes right away and see what they can do. Sometimes, in these cases, timeliness is of the essence! Trust me! Since we don't know what the stain is exactly, it's really difficult to say what will happen but it's worth the $ to get a professional look at it, IMO. GL!!!
  12. What DQ said is right. It will fade over time, but without rubbing, it will be a long time!!

    If you send it to the spa, they will likely do to it exactly what DQ did to her Barenia Kelly.
  13. OMG GF, your avatar!!! LOL!!
  14. Thanks Pep!!!!!
  15. That avatar,:tup::heart:.. Oh my gosh, GF, I love you so much!!!

    You just cannot be afraid of the bag or of marking it up at all. A lot of people and SAs sort of believe that it isn't really worth bringing barenia in for spa treatments because the patina develops naturally through touching, rubbing (and that the clients can do that themselves by without any products or training) overtime the color will deepen, become shinier and your spot will blend in much more so. Don't worry too much about it, just really begin to use the bag.