Barenia owners - does it spot or stain easily?

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  1. I am not considering buying it, but there is a barenia birkin in ebay which is new, but has a large spot/stain. Question for those of you who have a barenia bag - does it stain easily, or discolor unevenly? Before I consider anything (even small) in barenia, I would like to know if this is a problem.
  2. The leather does mark easily but it also rubs out fairly easily as well. Because of the way it's tanned, and the resulting surface, all marks will essentially show and blend into a patina over time.

    Because the leather is so oil saturated, I think it would depend on what kind of stain. I know others on the forum have talked about their specific experiences with different kinds of stains, so you might want to do a search if you haven't already.

    If you like your leather to stay quite pristine, perhaps barenia is not the best choice for you.
  3. Found it, thanks!
  4. I have a Kelly Dog bracelet in natural Barenia. And recently I spilled some curry sauce on it. 2 stain spots (one bigger than the other). I FREAKED naturally (to say the least)! The bad news is, nothing could be done to the stains (according to craftsman at the store). Good news is, the stain spots are nearly gone now - it started to fade by the end of that fateful day and almost disappeared completely after a couple of days. Now there is only a tiny spot - not visible unless you're looking for it. I was told to just wear it and let it patina over time.

    In short, it does stain quite easily (esp when washing hands). I guess it adds character to it, though I would not recommend using curry sauce.
  5. All the Barenia items I own have some small stains from water or when I had hand cream residue on my hands etc. As the Barenia ages and darkens the stains are less noticeable. With Barenia you just have to use it and not worry about scratches, stains, etc or it would drive you crazy trying to protect the leather all the time. Now you could buy a colored Barenia like ebene or indigo and you wouldn't see water stains.
  6. Oil based stains from creams, lotions, and oils from our skin/face can make a spot on natural or fauve colored barenia. You can try putting some cornstarch powder on the surface of the stain to absorb some of it. Leave it for an hour or two and gently wipe it with a clean dry cloth.
  7. I have a Barenia/toile Trim. I got caught in the rain with it. When I got home I saw water on it. I used my hair dryer to dry the spots and the spots totally disappeared... not a sign of them at all. In the tPF reference section on leather it says this about Barenia:

    The original saddle leather. This leather is double tanned in chrome and vegetable dyes and then soaked in a mix of nine different oils over a 5 to 6 week process. The process causes the leather fibers to soak up all the oils. This leaves the leather with an interesting characteristic. When scratched, the scratches can be rubbed off with a few swipes of your finger, because Barenia can absorb the oils. Also, when rained upon, the water droplets will eventually evaporate. There is no aniline finish, therefore, this leather will develop a patina. Here is the link to the tannery: Tanneries Haas"
  8. Yes. From my personal experience, this is the case too. The stains will lighten over time, but they won't go away.

    Rainwater - I have not seen water marks on my barenia items but from my handwashing etc, natural barenia does darken, and does not look anything like its original self.
  9. I have ambivalent feelings about my Barenia bag.....I'm not one to be put off by "delicate" leathers and I wouldn't necessarily catagorize Barenia as "delicate" but MAN this bag of mine just soaks up every piece of soil/dirt/oil that comes near it!!!!! And even though I rub and rub and rub the spots they never seem to blend and the bag just winds up looking soiled to me. In fact, I sent it to the spa and the dang thing looked exactly the same as when I brought it in except a little more "moist"!!!!!

    I have to say that I love the whole idea of Barenia but this is one leather that just doesn't work for me......Waaaaaa......
  10. Whoo hoo! sounds wonderful!
    Quell :smile:"kind of bag is it"
  11. Trim, wonderful Trim.
  12. S'Mom - Your Trim sounds like it has a wonderful character! It's so funny how you wrote it.

    I would love to have something in barenia one day!
  13. I have a feeling barenia would not be the best choice for me. I love it in principle, but I dont think I could handle the "prone to spots" thing.
  14. I have Barenia Birkin in Vert Olive. Once in a while, I clean my bag with Hermes saddle oil. First it is scary as the leather gets really dark. But then, after letting the bag sit for a while, it becomes clean and smooth. The only thing I could not remove so far is my dog's claw scratching... although it is fading bit by bit.
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  15. if you are still on this forum, where can i buy the Hermes saddle oil,please?