Barenia or box; need help

  1. I have the chance at a Barenia Trim. Should I go for it or wait for the box 28cm Kelly? I've never been a huge brown fan but Barenia is exceptional. Need advice badly!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. they are both lovely..but completely differnt bags. get the one you really really really want. :flowers:
  3. Okkkaaayyyy, I would go for the Barenia, just my one and a half cents, though. Ultimately, go with your heart.
  4. gazoo -- if you don't love brown how much will you use it? i wouldn't get a color i didn't like just because the leather is lovely and smells delish. JMHO

    PS -- if you pass on the trim you might let Grans Fonds know about it -- a barenia trim is one of her grail bags.
  5. Well, gazoo, how often will you get the chance at a Barenia trim? There are plenty of box 28s to go around, unless you're thinking of a specific (read: rare) color. At Hermes NY yesterday I asked my SA if there was any truth in the rumor that box may be "slowing down" production-wise / discontinued / phased out. And the answer was an emphatic "NO".

    I think you can probably go for your chances at both! [edit] I have to add, though, that you should really love it, whichever you go for. Don't make an impulse buy just because it's there.
  6. Thanks guys! You are right. Having a bag just cause the color/leather is yummy and then not using it isn't fair to the bag or to the person that could have it and worship it daily. Thanks! I'll wait for my box Kelly and maybe get a Barenia agenda or something so I can enjoy the smell!
  7. Grand Fonds: Feel free to PM me if you'd like to know specifics about it.