Barenia is back .. ??!

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  1. Then I suggest that you pass this piece
    No point keeping all same shade
    Unless you can single out 1 current piece that you hardly touch to replace by this
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  2. Thank you dear. My natural sable in Ardennes is vintage and the leather has been discontinued. So I will not let go of it. I guess the recent hype abt this leather makes me anxious. What id I make the mistake of passing on a rare item
  3. Hi

    My only justification for you to take the BF bag offer would be the Palladium hardware, as your other bags in the picture are GHW.

    But then again the shades and shapes are already very similar, and if you really want smooth barenia you should hold out.
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  4. Haha yes that’s my exact argumentation with myself, in my head that it’s palladium which I dont have yet .
  5. It's not that rare....and rarity's not a great reason to duplicate bags....
  6. If it were me, I would only buy the BF if you rehomed one of the others because they are too similar. That said, of all my bags my BF is hands down my favorite. It has most of the characteristics of the original barenia without some of the less desirable (for me) behaviors.
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  7. Way too similar to the gold birkin. Unless you plan to sell the gold B, I'd pass. FB is not that rare (and unless you love it, rarity is irrelevant).
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  8. Agree with previous posters. Unless you love this leather and must have it or it fills a need/void, I would pass. I personally love Barenia but can’t justify it if it’s duplicative to what I already have. Good luck!
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  9. Oh darn just took mine to spa but I can certainly show you when it comes back!
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  10. Personally I would wait for the classic barenia: I agree with you, it looks very similar to gold Togo. IMHO the classic barenia is hands down the best leather Hermès has to offer! But that’s just me....
  11. Guess what Ladies? Just when I decided to pass on the FB (after all the sensible advices you give on how it’s similar to the togo leather), I found a new B25 phw in Fauve for sale! ThAnk you so much for your honest and practical inputs. I’ll post a pic once it arrives
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  12. Wonderful
  13. We’ll be twins! I’m glad you held out for the barenia bag that you really wanted. Can’t wait to see pics of your new baby.
  14. Haha Yay!

  15. omg!!! So stunning~ Envy that you got the whole collection!