Barenia is back .. ??!

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  1. My first Kelly Sellier 25 in Barenia! This leather is absolutely stunning :love:
  2. Very pretty! Is it my imagination or are 25Ks in barenia appearing all over?
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  3. Not your imagination.
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  4. Is this true for all smooth leathers, especially leathers like Swift?
  5. My SA informed me that H uses the top 10% of leathers in their supply and the top 3% of the top 10% is selected for Barenia. Makes sense that it’s the top 3% for Barenia and box because the hides can show imperfections such as mosquito bites. Same goes for Argentinian leather, they are some of the best hides in the world. Since the cattle roam free, their hides do not get scratched from fencing/barb wire, etc.
  6. Thank you, PoppyLaddyBird!
    Grainy leathers are beautiful, some of them are scrumptious (deerskin and Clemence), but my first love will always be smooth leathers: Barenia, Swift, Box, Chanel’s vintage lambskin, etc). You just want to rub your face in it; that and Suqqu brushes lol
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  7. I agree! grainy leathers have beautiful texture and I’m excited I got Barenia Faubourg because of the texture.
    My heart goes to the smooth, buttery leathers like box, smooth Barenia, tadelakt, lambskin, etc. I really love the smooth feel of my tadelakt.
    Ditto to the suqqu brushes. They make applying makeup a luxurious experience, especially for ppl who have sensitive skin. Have a great day @blondissima777
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  8. You are hilarious! Secret fun fact: when I asked my former SA/managing director what I can do to add patina to box, he leaned in and whispered, “rub your face in it. [The craftsperson] won’t be able to tell what it is.”!!!
  9. Thank you! Note taken for when I get my dream black or rouge H K28 (although the rouge will probably come will someone else’s face already rubbed in, as I don’t think they have new ones anymore).
  10. I think I’ve been around a tadelakt bag. It is a delicious leather.
    Those brushes apply makeup like nothing else. Once you use a great Japanese makeup brush like a Suqqu, Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, some of the other brushes feel like applying makeup with a broom lol (even the expensive fashion brand ones)
  11. There really ARE Barenia k25s all over!!!!
    Can anyone show me a Barenia sellier K that has some age and use? Curious as to how it will look.
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  12. Ladies I need your help! I am offered an almost brand new FB Birkin 30. My dilemma is that I already have a gold togo and a natural sable. It's just degrees of the same shade. How rare is the FB leather? Thing is if it’s the natural Bareni I would get it without hesitation. But it’s the grained that looks quite similar to togo. So I need your advise! Thanks so much in advance

    The bags in the photo left to right are: FB, Gold Togo and Natural Sable in Ardennes (that also has blind stamp like FB)

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  13. Your fine current collection is already better than many could hope for.

    if you have doubts, don't. Traditional barenia is appearing so I would wait for what you really want. BF is popular with those that have it (just look at the dedicated thread) and seems to be available, so no need to buy for the fear that it won't appear again.
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  14. Are you still liking those current collections you owned?
  15. Yes i do which makes it even harder