Barenia is back .. ??!

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  1. hope you get it very soon!!!
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  2. I just got my first B35 in BF. It is just beautiful and I have enjoyed reading all about BF on this thread. One question I have IS.... if I wrap the handles with twillies to avoid oil transfer (I wear hand lotion regularly), will the handles still patina at the same rate as the rest of the bag? Is it okay to leave twillies on all the time (including in storage) or should I let her “breathe”?? Any input is greatly appreciated! IMG_1736.jpg
  3. Hello. Based on my research unfortunately the handles most likely won’t patina the same as the other parts of the bag :sad:

    My hands sweat easily so I use twillies as well. Just a bit worry that the handles might absorb some but well, that’s what we get from barenia right?
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  4. Question: how many of us now have one?
  5. The handle would become paler over time compared to the rest of the bag if it's wrapped with the twillies. According to the leather manager in our store, you should take off the twillies when you store your bag (and better not to store them in the box) so that they can breathe.
  6. BF B?
  7. Yes...sorry. How many of us now have Barenia fourburg pieces
  8. count me in. :coolio:
  9. Thank you! Excellent information. Twillies are off! Currently stored in sleeper and box (lid off) until I can make some closet space available. I just hope to get to the point some day that I can use her carefree without twillies, but for now so scared! Ha!
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  10. Thank you for the reply! Great info! I too am a bit worried about the handles. Maybe one day I will grow more carefree.
  11. I am part of the BF family ️ enjoying mine tremendously!

    @cavalla, thank you for the info on taking off the twillys while on storage
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  12. I have a barenia calvi that's really beaten up and one of the corners must have somehow been in contact with some oil for a long time, but it looks so chic to me. I love that little "imperfection" of it so much!
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  13. :smile:
  14. This is what I do. I don't baby my BF Birkin but I don't like discolored handles either. Right after I use hand lotion or if it's very warm outside, I use a small, discrete handkerchief to hold between my hand and the handles. I keep it in the bag, it's easy to grab, hardly noticeable and does the job. I'm not a twilly fan especially on the more rustic bags... A wise Parisian woman told me to do that with my Gris T croc. It works!
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