Barenia is back .. ??!

  1. @BagLady164 THIS HAS BEEN THE INFO I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! Thank you so much! I've been carrying my BF semi regularly, but if there's any precip in the forecast I won't risk it. It's good to know that there's no danger in carrying it during less than ideal weather conditions. Thanks again.
  2. Totally in LOVE with this bag! Smells heavenly. Scratch resistant. I made a light mark in unwrapping her and voila, rubbed it away!
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  3. You are welcome. It really is a hardy bag. :smile:
  4. Oh my goodness, thank you for some positive feedback. As a new owner of a BF bag, I was kinda freaking out when reading about how water is bad for the new Barenia Fauborg leather. Like many other Barenia admirers my heart was set on the smooth Barenia so I was/am worried that I made a bad decision taking the BF when I was thought that this bag would be a forever and special bag that can handle anything.

    Am really hoping that since last posting your thoughts on water on the BF are still positive. Am so confused on what to think since this leather is new to Hermes and no one really knows what it will age like. Thank you for any thoughts and updates!

    Would also love any additional updates from Barenia Faubourg owners. Thanks so much!!
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  5. I went to see my SA today and she asked me if I am still interested in the new FB leather birkin as I mentioned this as one of my requests in December. I asked for the FB B30, Togo gold B30, and also togo noir B30. I am glad that she offered me this bag however the only worry was the water-issue. After consulting with my friend who works as a SA in China she told me water is fine, as long as I wipe it off (I supposed for all leathers you are supposed to wipe the water off...). I am going to wait now and hopefully get it soon in February once she has booked a release date
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  6. How exciting! And thanks for sharing your info on the water issue. That was definitely a big worry for me but I am going to just hope for the best!
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  7. Mine is still getting wet (horrible winter this year), is used extensively and still looks perfect. It seems to be turning into a richer color (I have a gold garden party I compare it too) as time goes on but without the ugly phase my smooth barenia Kelly went through. It’s still my favorite bag no question. It’s also the one that people ask me about and compliment. No one ever says anything about my other ones, even the crocs.
  8. I’ll share even more. Water is fine on barenia faubourg. Mine gets wet because it’s the one I often choose to use in bad weather. At the risk of having some of you think I am crazy, I will tell you that recently I even wet it purposely because I got Vaseline on it. I would have used Docride’s products but I wasn’t home. I used a clean kitchen sponge and a little diluted Dawn (the shoe guy did that to my favorite shoes years ago) to clean it before it had a chance to really sink in. The bag dried in an hour or so and is...still perfect. Over the years, I have learned to really use my bags. In the process, I have also learned that most of them are are pretty tough (ink and makeup aside). I have a light Delvaux grey suede bag that always seems to have color transfer and I use a dry Mr. Clean magic sponge on that. The shoe guy again. Works like a charm. I’m not advising anyone to root around under the kitchen sink for cleaning products but I have found that most bags are pretty resilient, the BF too.. Croc and box, on the other hand, are very delicate and can’t handle any accident. Mine are frequent fliers to the spa.
  9. Just out of the curiosity, it seems like the FB leather has now been made with GHW as well. I have so far only found two from different websites. Anyone has got more info to share???

    I prefer PHW than GHW as almost all my jewellery comes in silver/white gold, but I don’t mind getting an GHW bag tho haha. I asked my SA and she said wait for the surprise!!! Now I really can’t sleep
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  10. Your post brings back some good memories. I used to only like jewellery in platinum/ white gold but after being offered my first bag in barenia, a B25 ghw, it was love at first sight. I remember commenting to my SA that fauve looks so much better with ghw but she immediately replied that it looks nice with phw too.

    I never used to wear inherited jewellery, because they were mostly gold pieces but after I bought this bag I discovered I at times enjoy wearing gold, especially with colourful stones.

    Hope your surprise will be stunning and please post pics
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  11. I will definitely!!! hermès is giving me a chance to start buying gold jewellery if I receive GHW haha.
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  12. I’ve done that too needed some bracelets for my baby barenia.
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  13. BagLady164, you are such a sweetheart for sharing your knowledge, experience and stories. You have some great info to share! I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear about these stories. It has been awhile since I have been this excited over a bag. Woo hoo! This will definitely be the bag I want to grow old with and use her and over again.
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  14. I am waiting for my dream barenia fresh
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  15. How exciting, would love to be twinsies with you Please post pics when your baby B thrilling, enclosing a pic from the archives.