Barenia is back .. ??!

  1. I love the roulis, this would have been hard to turn down. As a cross body, perhaps the BF is a better choice than smooth?
  2. Good to know!
  3. It's just a personal decision. You may be right that Faubourg may be more resilient for the cross body but I wear my smooth Barenia Halzan (large size) on the shortest length, close to my body and it has not really scratched at all.
  4. Oh thank you for this! I really want to wear my smooth barenia kelly with a cross body strap and I’ve been scared to try it. I really want to be a carefree barenia owner but I’m finding that I’m disappointingly wimpy. :lol: It’s just so beautiful and I’ve wanted it for so long, I don’t want to ruin it by doing anything completely careless.
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  5. I have say if you want to keep it scratch free then you may have to be careful what you wear against the bag, eg Chanel jackets with sharp edged buttons. :biggrin: Most people do want the patina process to start but like you I prefer to use my bags lightly and mine don't take heavy wear. Btw scratches will not ruin it at all, smooth Barenia is quite resilient. Enjoy your beauty!
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  6. The back of my barenia K scratches like crazy just using the strap on my shoulder. Probably because I'm usually wearing jeans! However the scratches do all rub away, then I inevitably get new ones just from my nails putting it back in the dust bag! It's nearly 20 years old, lots of patina and constantly evolving. I think you have to kind of embrace that or it would drive you crazy :smile:
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  7. My Christmas Gift to myself!! The Sac Ecritoire!!! I was hesitant because of the bag's unique structure but a lot of people recommend it, so I decided to take a shot!! Happy Holidays, everyone!! So excited for the patina to develop!!
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    I have to second this post

    I recently got a Barenia Fauborg B from fsh and it rained unexpectedly during the next day I carried it in Paris , no spot marks. It dried just like the smooth barenia

    I really love BF since I dont need to baby the bag as much as the smooth classic barenia and it behaves almost like togo when it comes to being "scratch resistant", though I love both, BF and smooth versions of barenia. Of course the addictive aroma of barenia too :P
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  9. You are going to love how the patina develops, especially because so much of the bag is smooth and one piece.
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  10. Absolutely stunning...a real masterpiece and so timeless beautiful....congrats!!!!!!
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  11. The fragrance of your gorgeous Barenia is coming across the screen. Well done
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  12. I just got a Barenia Fbg, I must say as a rather diehard fan of classic smooth Barenia the new version looks to me like fine grained Togo which smells like Barenia. I’m looking forward to see how the bag performs and age. This will take time before we have a real comparison between the new and old leathers.
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    I keep coming back for another peek! This is so beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  14. The patina will be lovely
  15. Thank you so much for the review. I cannot tell you how skeptical I was of the new barenia when I first read, in this thread nonetheless, that it is afraid of water. I mean, what is the point of the saddle leather if it’s not somewhat water-proof? On the other hand, I cannot imagine the new barenia being made as a saddle, as the old barenia is known for. Not that it matters that much at the end, just genuinely curious if the new barenia continues to be your favorite months and years to come, or wld you ultimately go back to the old barenia. (I know for me the original barenia will be my favorite leather of all times).