Barenia is back .. ??!

  1. Hi guys,
    I am looking to purchase a Barenia bag, and I noticed that they are white lines (veins..?) that run down the bag (as the pic attached). Is this also a characteristic of the leather? I zoomed in so you guys can clearly see (hopefully)! Also if it is a natural characteristic, would it blend out as the darkening patina occurs?

  2. image.jpeg
    Hi, these are natural markings which personally I think are beautiful! My Kelly is almost 20 years old and has lots of patina but I still think they are quite visible running diagonally across part of the back. Hope this helps!
  3. ^My B has these too.

    Today I saw a lovely lady with a barenia K25. I am now certain that my lusting for one of these since I've seen other members post about their existence is justified!!!
  4. My recent addition BF :heart: for my self-birthday gift. Its was just perfect timing when she found me. I have a gold Kelly in phw, but zero hesitation when this B was offered. Because its different bag and different leather type. And the smell is just TDF. Thank you for letting me share.
  5. Congratulations and happy birthday!!!
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  6. they are veins, much more faint than on textured leather but they won’t likely go away but patina overall if that makes sense.
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  7. Thank you !!!
  8. Thank you so much ladies! I am just hoping the bag would tan as beautifully as cardcase! The bag is being shipped to my house in HK (since the local store there is selling it to me), so I will do a reveal on this thread when I get a chance to pick it up!
  9. Gorgeous! Congratulations and happy birthday:smile:
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  11. 4ACB60F4-8261-4610-9C2B-73CAF4403872.jpeg Just sharing a mini Roulis in Barenia Faubourg which was offered to me recently. I declined it but my SA says it is likely to come in smooth.
  12. Now THIS would be amazing in smooth Barenia! I love the Roulis but it has never converted me...yet...that could do it.

    Your cardcase looks like my husband's Barenia wallet! Yes, your bag will patina like this, especially if you handle it a lot and let it touch skin (denim helps too!). The striations are natural and happen in all Barenia I have seen, although sometimes they are very faint.
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  13. Beautiful B! Congratulations! Happy Birthday
  14. I bought a Barenia Fauborg at FSH
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  15. Oops sorry...hit the enter button in error. I bought a BF B35 and a couple of other bags at FSH this spring. It was rainy for days so I asked the SA which of the new ones was the safest bag to carry. No to croc, Togo okay, but BF best. I didn’t believe him so he let me speak to the craftsman downstairs. That gentleman confirmed it so I used it all through the (mostly) rainy week. It behaves exactly like my smooth Barenia Kelly. Dries right up with no issues at all. One thing it doesn’t do is scratch as easily. It seems to be following the same patina process as well. Smells wonderful and feels great in the hand. I have other Bs in Togo, chèvre, Clemence leathers. This BF is different in a way that photos don’t see and I can’t explain. I have to say I prefer it to my smooth Barenia Kelly, which had long been my favorite bag.