Barenia is back .. ??!

  1. i have just found a B35 in natural Barenia by coincidence in a boutique and was so lucky to buy it !!
    i have been looking for a Birkin in Barenia for more than 6 years and was never able to place an order nor find one although i have a collection and found so many birkins in the past!

    My question is .. are Barenia birkins back to production ? because i've seen a few reveals in the forum too??

    if you have any info about this or found a barenia please share ..

    Thank you
  2. Congratulations! Barenia is to die for.

    Pictures please... Woohoo!
  3. Mabrouk on the new bag!

    My mom has been dying for one as well so it would be great if they are back in production! Would like to know as well :smile:
  4. Yes they are back in a small dose but I have been invited to see and either take or not a barenia that is coming soon to my store I LOVE the effect of BARENIA and find it simply stunning that said I will probably pass since my long awaited Vert anis ostrich I have been told is finally en route to me but point is that barenia at the moment is available !!!
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  5. My store tried to Order a Barenia Birkin for me about two months ago and It was not possible, not even via special Order.....
    This seemed to be great luck that you just "found" this perfect bag!!!
  6. I was offered a 35 Barenia Birkin about a month ago, beautiful but not for my lifestyle.
  7. Just bought one, courtesy of my favorite reseller. 35 cm, P date stamp, natural color (I think it looks like a baseball mitt!). The aroma of the leather is to die for. With my casual lifestyle, it's a perfect birkin for me.
  8. Oh I think Barenia is beautiful!
  9. Good to see that they are back. No collection is complete without Barenia.
  10. I got my Barenia birkin last summer and love, love, love that bag.
  11. I read somewhere from a different member about purchasing a barenia from H store. I love barenia, and I dream of owning one one day.....I wish I can get my dirty fingers on it.
  12. Oh I hope they are producing bags in barenia again. A B in barenia is my dream as well
  13. yes..seems that H has received a shipment of barenia skin and turn them into nice...
  14. so odd the could not order katika76, i promise they are coming back. but then H is sooo odd !!!!
  15. perhaps it is not offered as SO but a PO in very limited quantity? or Paris send some bags unexpected to stores? who knows?