Barenia is back in production

  1. ladies... hold on to your panties, it seems Barenia is back in production...

    Below, an excerpt from on the latest Hermes menswear collection for A/W 2007.... barenia trenchcoat (how many birkins does that one coat make??? :nuts: )

    January 28, 2007
    Trenchcoat in chocolate Barenia calfskin, blouson with hood in brown patinated baby lambskin, straight blouson in storm matte crocodile…the running order for an Hermès show can sound like a recipe for excess. In reality, the clothes are rendered in such seductive, state-of-the-art luxury as to be irresistible. Take that unutterably alluring aforementioned crocodile blouson. From the runway, it had the power to make all but the strictest ascetic surrender to its siren call.

    For Hermès, that luxury scarcely stops at skins. Rigor and sensuality, the twin poles of the collection as defined by the show notes, were represented by the layers of sober-toned cashmere and vicuna in which twenty-first-century masters of the universe would undoubtedly choose to face the world. The label’s technical mastery is such that black corduroy trousers gleamed like satin, as did a tuxedo in a glazed wool. Subtle but showy, Hermès remains sui generis.
  2. :yahoo:
  3. i love the smooth barenia! the hunt is on...........
  4. I need to see that coat!!! I gotta get it for my husband!!!!!
  5. Oh great news for Barenia fans!!
  6. here you go


    I want the croco jacket but in the form of a birkin... I love that color croc

  7. Seems green is the new fall hermes accent color (whereas red was the accent color for Spring...

  8. love that shade of aquamarine
  9. Woohoo! Awesome if Hermes produces Birkins in Barenia again! Thanks archangel for posting! Oh man, we have not even started proper on SS2007, and they are onto AW2007!

    PS: Is Barenia a heavy leather? And how well can a barenia birkin hold its shape?
  10. MrsS: I want to know the exact same thing.. how would it look on a KELLY!!
  11. ^ gorgeous!!! I want something in Barenia/Toile!
  12. sounds yummy! I remember his pic...he would look so hot in it! (That is ok for me to say that right?)

  13. I want one too!!! :drool:
  14. Great news for Barenia fans indeed!!
  15. Em, this thread is from back in 2007. AFAIK, I have not heard otherwise.