Barenia "hand"

  1. Forgive me for two posts right in a row - I just got back from a longish business trip and am catching up...I have a question about barenia. Does it always feel waxy? If so, does the waxiness subside over time with use, or is it always...sort of waxy.
    Sorry I know this is a dumb question but - sister going to Paris twice later this year, for several weeks, and she wants me to tell her what kind of bag I would like her to try to bring back from FSH. I know anything barenia is a longshot these days, but just in trying to decide if I would want something in this leather.
  2. My Picotin doesn't feel waxy at all. I'm not sure what you mean:shrugs:

    To me, it's very velvety and soft. It's not "coated" so that is why it is permeable..

    Barenia is back in production. My Picotin is a K stamp!!!!
  3. My evelyne does not feel waxy at all. However, I do know what you mean, because the sides had a little bit of that bloom of white, which I believe someone wrote was the fatty leather conditioner percolating up to the surface over time if the bag is not used. It had a waxy feel when it was at that stage....

    I rubbed it down, and it is fine. By the way, my bag is an I and was purchased at the boutique in march 2007, so this is why it had that waxy bloom...

    Barenia is lovely, but I am sure you have read that it does show every bump and scratch..It can be quite an adventure to see what the bag reveals day by day!

    But they do rub out and there is a lovely patina just waiting for you!! DD put my bag in the back seat of the car on top of a hairbrush and I almost keeled over, but it all rubbed right out...The side I wear next to my body (the h side) is developing nicely!!!
  4. Barenia is classic and fabulous. I have not seen it waxy. It's beautiful, you should definitely take it if you can find one.
  5. Cobolt blu, thanks for the explanation - I was mystified as to why some barenia seemed waxy and others did not. It sounds like the waxiness is transient, if present at all. I really like this leather by the way, I think it looks great even (maybe, especially?) when it shows signs of wear.
  6. Barenia is beautiful new (mmmm, the smell.....) but it is absolutely amazing once it's been loved for awhile (read: developed its beautiful patina).

    Here's a photo for comparison. The Picotin was brand new, never carried and the HAC is about 4 years old and has had 1 spa treatment already. You can see the difference a few years (and lots of love) makes.

  7. When I picked up my Barenia Trim from the Spa last month, it did feel "waxy" to me. I think it's because they gave it a good, long drink though! LOL!!!
  8. Beautiful photos. Your HAC is my grail bag. Pease rub her for me :heart: :p .

  9. Oooh, that barenia HAC looks so rich. Beautiful bags, AuthenticLux! Is that black HAC chevre de coromandel?? Gimme your address, I'll just er... pop over sometime.................

    ........ while you're out.:ninja::roflmfao:
  10. You all have no idea what I have offered AL in the past for that Barenia HAC....
    I swear that she just posts that picture occasionally to torture me, it is the most beautiful bag ever:love: :heart: !
  11. CobaltBlue - consider her rubbed in your name!:p

    SerenityNow - it was chevre de coromandel, sadly, I know longer have her but she is in a loving new home. She was a knockout and sometimes I kick myself and miss her...:sad:

    Oh, and MrsMorris, you have lifetime preference if this baby is to leave my hands. Believe me, I know you know where I live!:graucho:
  12. authenticlux, your pictures, are, once again, have made barenia stay in my consciousness. How is this color/leather combination described - is it called "Natural Barenia" ? I think a barenia 35 cm birkin with palladium hardware and light topstitching would be my "holy grail" bag....there is probably not much chance of one just popping up in one of the Paris Hermes stores when my sister is there, but I suppose it doesnt hurt to ask. I think my SA said the last time they got one for someone, it was special ordered and took three years. I may have heard that wrong, it was a couple of years ago that I asked. Do they make barenia kellys in the 28 retourne size? I have seen them in the 32, but I dont think I have ever seen a smaller one.
  13. Forgive the comparison, but is Barenia sort of like the leather that Coach used to always use on its bags? It was an unfinished leather that did get a patina and did show scratches, etc. From the pics, it does sort of look like that same type of leather ????
  14. Yes, it is natural barenia.
  15. Katel, I have an older Coach station bag, gosh, I guess its vintage by now...and I would say barenia is similar to that in the way it handles scratches, etc. But this Hermes barenia has a finer feel, is a bit lighter in weight, and seems more luxurioous, IYKWIM. As if the process was carried to a higher level, if that makes any sense.

    That coach bag did develope a patina.