Barenia evelyne!!!

  1. OMG! Saturday my "DH to be" bought me a trim in barenia and crinoline, a lovely bag.

    As soon as he bought it, the SA told me they had a very very special item in the back and added she knew I would love it.

    She went in the back and came back with a fab natural barenia evelyne:drool:

    I really wanted it sooo badly, but I just had the trim and wouldn't change it for the evelyne.

    When I came home in the afternoon today there was this orange box on the bed....:yahoo:

    "DH to be" wanted to surprise me!!!!!

    I love barenia! Love it...the smell...:heart:

    I'll post pics soon:smile:
  2. Whoa, Costa -- that's one great DH-to-be!!! Congrats on your new bags -- can't wait to see pics!!!
  3. Lucky girl! I can see why you are marrying him :lol: Can't wait to see some pics, I love barenia :love: It's nice to hear about more barenia bags showing up at stores recently.
  4. Woah!! Fabulous!!!! 2 great H bags! Congratulations!!
  5. Wow -- two really great bags and one really great guy!
  6. OMG! What a wonderful story and a great DH2B!
  7. Congratulations!! You are going to love the barenia evelyne!!!
    Cannot wait to see pics!!
    Is it a K year bag??????????
  8. Oh how sweet of your DH & congratulations!!! enjoy
  9. Whoa, he's a keeper for sure!!! I can't wait to see the pics!!
  10. Two barenia bags in 24 hours? So, uh, Costa, does hubby-to-be have a brother?:graucho:
  11. So Sweet.
  12. That is the sweetest gesture!!!! Congrats on the wonderful guy and the two H bags!
  13. What a sweet DH you have :smile:. Congratulations on the Barenia Evelyne. It's a versatile bag.
  14. What a wonderful DH-to be. Congrats!!!! (on the bag and the guy!!!)
  15. Congrats! Can´t wait for pics!